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How To Prepare For Your First Outdoor Paintball In WA

By Patty Goff

One of the best ways to have fun is by participating in a game of paintball with your friends. This will help you to bond, as well as spend some quality time together. So as to enjoy our first experience, you must be well prepared for the game. Here are some things which you should bring along to your first outdoor paintball in WA.

Have the right clothing. The aim of your clothes is to ensure that you stay warm enough or you do not get too cold. The best way to handle this, especially if the weather is fluctuating a lot is to layer dress. This will make it easier for you to adjust your clothes, depending on how hot or cold the weather is. Check the weather forecast a few days to your event to know how the weather will be. Another use of clothes is to pad you up. This will help you not feel the sting of the ball when it hits you.

You will need to wear something on your head. This includes a baseball hat or headwear that is particularly meant to be worn during this game. Wearing a hat will help to protect your hair from getting paint. It will also minimize chances of getting your head hurt. A hat also helps to soak up sweat when you are playing. You can also decide to bring along a scarf so as not to get hit on your neck.

To protect your upper torso, wear a sweatshirt with long sleeves. A t-shirt may be comfortable but it is not ideal for this game. This is because it will leave a lot of bare skin exposed. Consider wearing a jacket or a hoodie for extra protection. There are paintball shirts, which cover up players quite well. If you can find them, then they will be the best option to go for.

Keep your hands protected by wearing gloves. The ball can sting if it hits against your bare hands. Any cheap gloves which you can easily find will do. However, make sure that you find something that will give you the flexibility of holding your gun well. It should also not make the gun easily slip from your fingers.

The type of pants which you wear matter. Your pants should protect you against the weather elements on that day. They should also protect you from other elements that you may come across in the terrain. This includes thorns, rocks and mud. Dark colored pants are ideal, as it may be easier to get the paint out of them.

The right footwear will help determine how well you do. The wrong footwear can get in the way and even cause you to fall and hurt yourself. Sturdy, closed shoes are ideal. Avoid shoes with high heels or open shoes as they do not provide your feet with ample protection.

Remember to carry a clean outfit which you will wear home. Also, bring a bag to put your dirty clothes. You will need to carry a towel, which you will use to clean your equipment or any hits. Carry lots of water so that you can stay hydrated. Bring along some cash, which you will use to pay as entrance fee.

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