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Burgundy Travel and Accommodation Advice

By Nick Thompson

Think about your travel finances. Lodgings use a big section of your travel expenditures. Unless you resort to couchsurfing, camping out, vacationing in a friend's residence, or considering to book in a bed-and-breakfast, you will probably have to shell out some money for a couple nights stay in a hotel. Typically, you will not remain in the hotel room all day every day; you would like to explore the region. In essence, you're shelling out an excessive amount of for something that you do not have much use for.

There are solutions to this dilemma. You just don't get to save on hotel expenses, it also provides you with the chance to live like the locals. What I'm talking about is staying in a rural hotel, inn, or any accommodation away from the outskirts of the city.

1. Penny Saver

Hotels within city limits are generally more expensive. Even budget hotels that are in the heart of the city have prices that are not too friendly. A hotel located outside the city have lower rates because they need some sort of a bait to lure guests in. Hotels outside the city offer the lowest deals.

2. Home sweet home

Hotels in the countryside are usually run by families, relatives, and clan members. Most of these are run by entire generations. This will give you a sense of feeling at home. Services are more personal, making your stay like being at home. You get treated like family and not guests. The place will have a homey feel to it. A stay in one makes it feel like a home away from home.

3. Service that's meant only for you

Services at rural hotels are more individualized due to the number of guests or the lack thereof. Let's talk about breakfast, for instance. Chichi hotels offer you breakfast buffets that are either too expensive or strange. Hotels in the country can make you brekkie to suit your palate.

4. Extra service

Rural hotels in Burgundy, France and some other parts nearby have other services that are for free. Thus, even if you only booked for a room for a night or two, a staff or two at a rural hotel can act as your guide to see the secret attractions in the region. Transportation can be arranged for by the hotel staff. He can even recommend other people in the place who can help you with your needs (e.g., he can recommend a mountain guide living in the neighborhood if you intend to climb a nearby mountain).

If you're looking for countryside hotels, particularly in Burgundy, France, then look for so that you can have a wonderful, reasonably priced, and unforgettable stay during your vacation.

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