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Travel to Cameroon to volunteer

By Penelope India Brown

Cameroon is located in west-central Africa close to the Gulf of Guinea. Known due to its diverse range in culture, climate and position, it is also referred to as "Africa in miniature". Cameroon's cultural communities have their own distinct cultural varieties.

They rejoice, childbirths, produces, deaths and many other religious ceremonies. Music and social gathering form an integral part of the lives of Cameroonians. Folklore, rites, social gatherings are customary programs. They have various musical instruments, drums and flutes simply being the most famous.

The family members in Cameroon gather for single course large meal generally in the night time. The principal diet depends on the tribal groups, but rice and yams, cassava, maize, potatoes, fufu (cous-cous) are a part of everyday food regimen. Palm wine and millet beer are beloved refreshments.

Arts and crafts are an asset to Cameroon. They are utilized for religious and commercial requirements. The chief religion is Christianity, but nevertheless there are several ethnic and religious groups spread out through the region. Schooling is poor in Cameroon. Cultivation and Husbandry are contributing jobs in Cameroon.

Reasons to Volunteer in Cameroon: The main hassles in Cameroon are linked with poor facilities, inferior tutoring, orphanages, lack of food, etc. Many educational facilities in Cameroon presently probably have overcrowded courses and would need more talented mentors. The orphan boys and girls seek love, care, education and support with learning. Giving young children with the core necessary skills they need in career will assist them on their journey to a lucrative future and relieve from poverty, guide them provide with the similar chances that many other young children have.

Volunteering: You can volunteer for child homes in Cameroon. Educating is a wonderful opportunity. Topics like English, Mathematics, Science, Computer skills, dance, music, games, sports, arts and crafts really need specialized skills which the folks often times fall short of a result of the literacy rate.

Aside from that, helping the community farmers with their produce is another option. The regions generally belong to the local foster care where young individuals produce their own food. You can work with weeding, watering, harvesting.

If you have a medical experience you would be able to work for in creating awareness relating to sicknesses such as HIV/AIDS, malaria etc. and informing the benefits of healthy surroundings. You can assist females with guidance, maternal care support, spread consciousness to counter domestic violence, consultation of foster moms and dads. There are cost free volunteer plans and paid volunteer programs depending on what you would like to do.

Volunteering in Cameroon will certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience that a volunteer will always happily be able to tell absolutely everyone about.

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