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We Saw Some Great Hampton Vacation Spots When We Wanted To Get Away From It All

By Keindra S. Blue

It seems like it has been years since my wife and I have had the chance to get away and spend some time by ourselves, so just recently, we decided to find some Hampton vacation spots so that we could relight our romance. Because we would not be able to go to Long Island to look at the available spots, we talked about what specific features we wanted for our vacation spot. We wished to be close enough to the beach that we could walk over and take a swim if we desired, and we wanted to have a variety of restaurants nearby so we could eat any food we desired.

We also figured that since we were after a more romantic experience, we should try to find something like a cozy bed and breakfast rather than a traditional hotel so that we could find maximum relaxation. While this did narrow down our options for Hampton vacation spots considerably, it did not solve our problem completely as there are many bed and breakfasts to be found in that area of Long Island.

We went online to look at some different options, to see if we could find the perfect place to spend our vacation. There are a lot of great places to stay in the Hamptons, so it was hard to narrow things down enough to find one ideal location. I was delighted when I found a wonderful cozy little bed and breakfast that focused on spiritual healing practices, which is a big interest for my wife and I.

They had rooms for feng shui, which is something that my wife and I have always enjoyed, and they also had an awesome looking mineral pool that looked to me like heaven itself. Seeing this, I knew that this was the couples retreat location we would enjoy most, so I booked a room for my wife and me for the next weekend.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved my stay there in that cozy Bed and Breakfast. Both my wife and I came away from that experience feeling completely refreshed and happy, with a renewed spark in our marriage. We had a spectacular time on our getaway, and we really appreciated the feng shui and mineral pools, but most of all we just loved spending time together and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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