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Ten Important Tools For Wilderness Survival Training

By Mamie Conrad

Anybody may benefit from attending the wilderness survival training. This aims to help anyone survive on his own in the wild. The proper way of water purification, creating friction fires, hunting for edible wild plants and building shelters are all discussed in the program. The participants are also taught about the different tools that they will be needing to survive. It is already a challenge to stay alive in the wilderness. Through the tools, the participants have better chances.

Without a doubt, the knife is an ultimate important tool for surviving. Non-folding knives with three-inch blades are used in various ways. This is essential in harvesting wild edibles, building friction that creates fire and building shelters. In certain moments, this is also used in protecting yourself possibly from wild animals.

Water is another important thing to look for. The body may not be able to survive without proper hydration. Find a good source of water to avoid dehydration and weakening. In the wild, there are several sources of water but only few of them are safe for consumption. To ensure that you are drinking clean water, you may bring water purification device since manual processing is time-consuming.

Lighting materials. Fire is a crucial part in surviving the wild. This is used in purifying water, cooking, warming the shelter and even protecting yourself from some wild animals. There are several ways to light up a fire. The most primitive uses friction to create fire, but there are newer, easier and more advanced way of doing it. Matches and lighters are very portable that may come in handy.

Do not forget the first aid supplies, too. Injuries are imminent outdoors. You can be injured in ways more than one. The foggy views may affect your orientation. Stepping or brushing on roots, twigs and thorns may cause bruises or cuts as well. Before the condition worsens, you must apply first aid and avoid infections.

Bring along a small compass as well. Even if you have impressive navigational skills, the haze and fogs may prevent you from seeing your path. This may cause you to get lost deeper in the wild. To prevent the worst from taking place, carry a small compass to show you the direction. This can save you time and effort walking in circles around the wilderness.

Light is very important, as well. Most especially when the night falls. It would be more difficult to work around at night if everything is pitch dark. With the light produced by the device, you can clearly and safely take the right path. This can also help show you the incoming dangers and hopefully avoid them.

Even the wool blanket can help you survive. Even while you create your own natural shelter, you may still suffer from freezing coldness. Unless you wear a wool blanket, you may shake uncontrollably. To prevent this and ensure a good sleep at night, the wool blanket is very helpful. Remember that you need a good night sleep to survive the wild for another day.

The wilderness survival training does not stop in helping the participants learn the proper tools to use. Instead, they are also taught how to use the tools properly. It would not make a difference whether you have the tools and equipment or not if you cannot use them.

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