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Endless Airport Time? Fly Clear

By Eric Santucci

It's not uncommon in this day and age for people to face roadblocks, hassles and obstacles at every corner of airport travel. In fact, the last time I went to an airport for a vacation across the country, I found myself delayed nearly a full day because of poor weather, on top of a huge security line that took me virtually many hours to get through. With airports already being a place of misery and woe sometimes, the last thing people are looking for is to get trapped into an airport security trap with how long the lines can usually be. Busy travelers want to get to where they need to go, not spend all of their travel time as a permanent resident of the airport. They need a way to fly clear of airports and get going.

It seems like a paradox that people will select airports as their main means of travel because of how efficiently they get them to their destination, and yet they can often be trapped in the airport for ridiculous amounts of time. Sometimes it seems as if a horse could get you across the country quicker than a plane could thanks to airport wait times. The airport security lines in particular seem to be among the biggest sources of frustration. It is not always unproblematic for travelers to speed through airport security since these lines are often filled to quantity with other travelers.

This constant airport problem seems to harass frequent business travelers the most since their job requires them to get from state to state or even country to country rather quickly. No skillful worker wants to have the problem of missing their business seminar or conference because an unplanned airport security line caused them to miss their flight. It only seems realistic that frequent fliers should be given some sort of edge since their jobs may require speedy travel on their part. Luckily, as of recently, there may be inventive ways for them to fly clear of airports.

This is a recent problem that experts have tried to come up with to ease the stress of busy travelers who frequently need to travel by plane. One solution that has shown results is a new card that allows a frequent traveler's biometrics to be recorded every time they visit an airport and can then bypass the security lines. This prevents them from being wrapped into a long security line and having them potentially miss their flights.

People don't want to spend the bulk of their traveling time locked up in an airport for fear of missing an important trip or being late for an important event. Therefore, they should have access to a better solution that can allow them to fly clear of the airport security lines keeping them trapped in the airport so that they can move on with their lives.

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