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Check out the Whistler Ski Scene

By Elise L. Aumel

Anyone who knows skiing knows that Whistler is one of the greatest ski resorts in the world. There are so many options for the visitor when they come to Whistler, both on and off the mountains. There is great skiing for all abilities, with wonderful runs. Whistler is a top destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts, particularly skiers and snowboarders. It is located around two hours from Vancouver British Columbia.

Whistler and Blackcomb have a total of 8,171 skiable acres and a mile of vertical descent, so cruising from top to bottom on either mountain takes time. But don't worry, the ski area is nicely groomed and the lifts are first class. If you prefer to go on a snowshoe adventure or take a more active cross country trail, there are a multitude of routes available for your adventure. Two hundred shops fill the Village of Whistler. Fortunately, the shopping is excellent. The quality is extremely high and the variety will likely surprise you.

Easily accessible, you can travel from the Vancouver airport to Whistler in less than an hour and a half. Because it is so close to the city, a lot of locals will simply take a day trip for the skiing. There are several companies offering excellent transfer services on either a private or shared basis direct from Vancouver airport to Whistler. You will be met at the airport and taken straight to your accommodation. Most of the transportation companies use vehicles that have room to safely store sports equipment and the drivers are experienced in handling and packing equipment where necessary.

A Picturesque Village

Skiing is what people come here for in the winter, but there is much more to offer in this picturesque little village. There is no greater way to break up your day on the mountain than with sampling the wide variety of cuisine available in the village. You can find an excellent selection of food within walking distance of one another. You can try tapas, asian, fusion, pub food or even fine dining if that's what you wanted.

When you explore the village, you can really get caught up in the excitement and atmosphere that always seems to be part of Whistler life. The stylish shopping and the trendy bars buzz with life, and as afternoon moves into evening.

The fact that it is located in the mountains certainly adds to this town's allure but the practical aspects - including the reasonably priced accommodation, the vicinity of the airport in Vancouver to Whistler, and the variety of skiing options - make it a wonderful choice for a winter holiday.

Prices are competitive and the door-to-door service that really eliminates any of the traditional hassles of a car rental or even a bus shuttle service.

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