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How To: Clear Airport Security In a Flash

By Michele Moncrieffe

Clearing airport security is a waiting game. Whether it is holiday season, and there are just too many individuals to oblige with promptitude, or you're just queued after people who could not be bothered to familiarize themselves with today's airport security screen protocols, you spend can spend a lot of your invaluable time standing in an inconvenient line at the airport.

Now and then, it happens that you are not traveling during peak season, and no one before of you is holding up the line to go through the airport security screening. You're also clothed in attire that will achieve swift clearance through airport security. What occurs is that you are just running late. There are enough people in front of you that you are in danger of missing your flight.

If you're a frequently, then perhaps you've seen a few of your traveling companions being escorted past the long security lines that you have resigned yourself to be stuck in for the majority of your airport stay. Those people who you saw bypass the line were experiencing the benefits of a new innovation that allows the bearer to quickly gain clearance through airport security.

The previously mentioned innovation is the Clear Card brought to you by Clear me. This card is the handiest and speediest way of clearing airport security. To purchase a Clear Card you must meet certain criteria. First, you must be a frequent flyer. If do travel by air often, then you can go to the Clear Me's website and fill out a very detailed questionnaire. The questions are personal, but your responses are never shared with any other party. Clear me simply uses your replies to ascertain whether you pose a threat or not. If you pass the written assessment, then you move on to the physical registration for your Clear Card. This step requires you to travel to a nearby location where Clear me sets up a mobile station that will collect your biometric information. After you provide two forms of ID, a passport and driver's license or any government supplied photo ID will be enough, you will have your retinas and fingerprints scanned. This biometric information will be stored on your Clear Card, thus permitting you to bypass lengthy security lines at the airport.

Once you have your Clear Card in hand, you'll never have to worry about missing your flight because you're running late again. Moreover, you won't have to stand in those long, inconvenient lines. When you arrive at the airport, all you need to do is swipe your Clear Card at a Clear me kiosk. After your identity is verified you will be escorted to a security line meant exclusively for cardholders by a Clear me representative. All cardholders are frequent flyers and as such, they are all familiar with how to swiftly clear airport security. Five minutes is the maximum amount of time you'll have to wait before clearing airport security. Get your own Clear Card and fly through airport security.

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