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Find Out About Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Season

By Sharlene Fleming

Missouri waterfowl hunting is a well managed and well regulated industry. Since mankind has always wanted to hunt - then for food, now for sport - it has become necessary to ensure that there will always be birds and other game available to gratify this primeval instinct. Britain's Glorious 12th - the opening of the grouse shooting season - has been in existence for nearly 200 years and would be practically enshrined in the Constitution, if there was one. The Federal and State Governments have now regulated most game hunting throughout the US and all regulations, relevant dates, license requirements can easily be found online.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is in the forefront of this effort. It maintains and manages 15 wetlands to allow the breeding of mallard and teal. The open season coincides with the start of the migration. Geese too can be shot in these areas and season. As it is imperative to maintain both the survival of the birds and the integrity of the marshlands, creeks, sloughs and oxbows for which the state is justly famous, limited numbers of guns per day are admitted and as there are always far more applicants than places, lots are drawn.

So many species in the world have been hunted to extinction. Consequently there are very strict rules in place in Missouri and other states where hunting for sport is allowed. A limited number of hunters and a limited amount of birds per hunter help to preserve the various species.

Poachers, however, still thrive and licensed hunters are encouraged to report any illegal activities they come across or suspect. This can even include the sale of protected game by unauthorized people who may have acquired it illegally. It is in everyone's interest to put a stop to poaching once and for all.

Missouri has some beautiful wetlands on river banks and lakes. These are home to the waterfowl before their migration. In some areas hunters can build their own blinds, in others the blinds are there. If you prefer to wade-in, there are plenty of suitable areas both in the conservancy areas as well as in common lands though birds may not be so plentiful there.

All relevant information is available on the internet. If this is your first season, it is a good idea to read up on the rules and regulations before loading your gun. You can easily get into trouble, unintentionally, as there are lots of restrictions in force.

Grain and salt are often spilt over the fields. These attract the birds but you may not shoot them over what are known as baited areas. Similarly there are restrictions too on the size of shotgun you can use and you must only use approved nontoxic shot.

Missouri waterfowl hunting is looked forward to by many hunters. Well managed and controlled hunting means that there will be birds to shoot for generations to come. The cost of your license fees etc all goes to fund the conservation of breeding grounds as well as the maintenance of the shooting areas.

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