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Private Jets for Everyone!

By Ellie Craft

While it may feel like only big politicians or celebrities fly on private jets, there are thousands of private flights all over the world every day. Many are taken by regular people on business, whether they are lawyers, entrepreneur's or managers, they recognize flying private gives them an advantage over their competitors. Of course some of them are flying to a vacation destination too.

There are thousands of companies in the U.S. alone that own private aircraft. Just a few years after several U.S. based automakers went to Washington in private jets to plead poverty, making it a stigma to own one. Many companies sold their jets to give the impression they were cutting back. But these companies know the advantage that private jet charters give to their companies, so they used charters instead of owning their own aircraft. Private jets allow businesses to adjust to customer demand and market conditions faster and get more business done.

Which is the same reason that politicians use private jets to travel. Its why President Obama travels on Air Force One. Flying in a private jet allows them to be more productive and his staff as well. They can work, or catch up on needed sleep en-route to their destination. He can arrive in a city just a short time before speaking and be flying to the next campaign stop in a matter of minutes after the event is over. Of course we would laugh at a candidate who missed delivering his speech because his commercial flight was delayed or canceled. And that is not even considering the considerable security concerns that would be introduced trying to fly commercially for a political candidate. Visit this site for a free charter jet quote.

For security reasons they close down the airspace around Air Force One and other secure flights but there are lots of other reasons that private flights are more secure than cheaper commercial flights. There are far less people to clear on a private flight, making security much simpler. If you're a big celebrity there are no big crowds or gawking onlookers and paparazzi should be at a minimum as well. For security personnel such as the secret service, it makes their job simple.

Probably the biggest reason that businesses or private individuals use private jets is the amount of time they can save. Corporate flights do allow people to travel relatively cheaply to almost anywhere in the world. They can often leave you hundreds of miles away from your final destination however. Because you have to land at one of their larger hub airports. Flying on a jet charter you avoid long lines for bag checks and security. Instead you walk up the steps and take off. There are also usually fewer delays while taxiing and during take off. And you can park closer to the terminal usually too. The flight is direct to your destination and depending on the size of the jet can land at a smaller airport much closer to your destination. Using private air travel its easy to visit several different states in a single day, something almost impossible using commercial flights.

Others love that they don't have to leave their pet at home or pay for it to be boarded while they are away. It gets to fly in luxury with them.

Another purpose that some stars, athletes and personalities use private jet charters is for privacy. Using corporate jets they do not have to be concerned about heckling fans, stalkers, autograph seekers and others who would perhaps annoy them. They can put their feet up and enjoy some time to themselves, instead of being stared at the entire flight. They can get some sleep in or some work done while flying.

That brings us to another big selling point of private flights. When flying commercially its often very difficult to work as you're packed between several offensive linemen and just getting your laptop open is a chore. On a private jet you have plenty of room to get work done, including usually a full table that has everything you could want in your mobile office. Most jet charters have Internet and phone connections that allow you to remain productive and on-line. Most also have media systems that provide first class entertainment during the trip. You can watch videos, presentations and enjoy the music you choose. Lastly, you can also get some sleep if needed, usually in a fully reclined position or even a full bed on some corporate jets. sure, you can sleep on your airline flight too but you'll be cramping in your neck for the next couple days.

Its been shown by some studies that businesses who utilize private jets are more profitable than their challengers. And while many own planes many more use chartered jets for flights when required. Chartering a jet allows companies and individuals to remain resilient. They might employ a light jet for one flight but need a heavy jet to take the whole team overseas. Smart VIP's also join both, using airline flights to fly between major hub cities and then chartering jets for flights to smaller municipalities. In this way they can travel directly to each destination and make the most of their flight dollars.

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