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Volunteer abroad in Cameroon

By Penelope India Brown

Cameroon is located in west-central Africa along the Gulf of Guinea. Known for its diverse range in ethnicity, weather conditions and position, it is also referred to as "Africa in miniature". Cameroon's ethnic communities possess their own distinguished national varieties.

They commemorate births, produces in the fields, passing away and other sacred ceremonies. Song and dance form a vital part of the everyday life of Cameroonians. Story-telling, ceremonies, social gatherings are familiar programs. They have all types of musical instruments, drums and flutes simply being the most favorite.

The friends and family in Cameroon gather for one-course substantial meal commonly in the evenings. The main meals rely on the tribal people, but rice and yams, cassava, maize, potatoes, fufu (cous-cous) are included in routine meals. Palm wine and millet beer are beloved beverages.

Arts and crafts are a tourist attraction to Cameroon. They are used for holy and income generating uses. The dominating religion is Christianity, but nevertheless there are quite a few traditional and spiritual groups spread out around the vicinity. Education is poor in Cameroon. Farming and Cultivation are major jobs in Cameroon.

Reasons to Volunteer in Cameroon: The most significant hassles in Cameroon are linked with absence of facilities, mediocre literacy, orphanages, insufficiency of healthy food, etc. Many educational facilities in Cameroon presently have overcrowded courses and need to have a lot more knowledgeable mentors. The orphan young kids seek love, attention, training and support with learning. Giving children with the core required skills they need in careers will help them on their way to a prosperous future and free them from poverty, guide them provide with the similar prospects that many other young children have.

Volunteering : You can volunteer for child homes in Cameroon. Educating is a wonderful decision. Subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Computer skills, dance, music, games, sports, arts and crafts require experienced talent which the folks constantly fall short of owing to the literacy rate.

Aside from that, helping the local farmers with their products is yet another way. The field usually belongs to the local foster care in which young kids produce their own food. You can help them with weeding, watering, farming.

If you have health care qualifications you could actually help in publicizing important information relating to health conditions such as HIV/AIDS, malaria etc. and spreading the seriousness of clean surroundings. You can guide young women with consulting, maternal care advice, spread awareness against marital violence, guidance of foster parents. There are cost free volunteer schemes and paid volunteer schemes based on what you really want to do.

Volunteering in Cameroon tend to be a distinct experience that a volunteer will inevitably willingly be able to tell absolutely everyone about.

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