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Key West Tarpon Fishing Is A Great Way To Spend A Florida Vacation

By Tonia Michael

Anyone who loves angling are sure to enjoy going Key West tarpon fishing. This part of of Florida has a large number of fishing boats offering a range of charter options, often using by catch from other boats to help tempt the fish in to feed. Multiple hook-ups of fish are common, so abundant are the fish which flock here to feed.

An additional thrill can be obtained by angling at night for tarpon. This is often carried out by using spin casting outfits coupled up with a sinking plug. Anglers can then reel this slowly past the deep channels where the fish lurk.

Angling after dark can be really testing in terms of the action that it brings, as this kind of fish often fights harder than you might expect. So testing is the action sometimes that it is like an entirely different kind of fishing than it is during daylight. Make sure that your hooks are set hard as the tarpon has a mouth as hard and rough as cinder blocks.

Some real thrills and fun can be found by angling using flies for these fish. Using a fly is a good way to tempt fish into biting when they do not seem to be that hungry. There is no need for beginners in the sport to worry about choosing flies though, every boat will have an expert skipper and hands who can help you select the most effective fly for the fish.

Fly fishing is particularly effective during the early part of the migration season, when the fish tend to travel in large pods. Using a fly does not guarantee success with these fish though. Tarpon are not especially motivated to find any food which does not come to them at this time of year, so make sure that you get the fly to them accurately if you opt for this technique.

Another fun way of going out to catch tarpon is in the early morning when they are 'rolling'. These fish are swimming round in a circle and it can look sometimes as though they are dancing in the water. While early morning is the best time to find fish who are behaving in this way, you can sometimes also find good sport at dusk from fish like this.

Not that anglers are limited to hunting just one kind of fish in these rich waters. Grouper, cobia and snapper haunt the plentiful wrecks off the coastline, while good sport can also be found in deeper waters. This is where sailfish, wahoo and mahi mahi can be found.

If you want a great angling vacation where you will have fun and also face a few technical challenges, then Key West tarpon fishing could be the choice to make. With great night life available on shore, as well as plenty of other things to do during the day, non-anglers should also enjoy the trip. Other species help it make the angling more interesting too, and there is little chance of anyone who comes to this part of Florida being bored during their stay.

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