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Complete Langkawi Package Tips

By Leonard Crandall

The Island of Archipelago is famous for her tourist attractions, but Langkawi is the first place that people love to visit. Langkawi is a land of beauty, cheap luxuries that are considered expensive in other places and the opportunity of duty free benefits which you will not find in other tourist destinations. Langkawi is a local word formed from two words 'eagle' and 'marble'. The names came as a result of the much presence of eagles on the Island, and also the place is rich in marble.

Not much had been recorded about this Island by the people who had lived there in the past, but few facts are still available today. 500AD was the year that the Chinese came to settle in the Island called Langkawi today, this is according to ancient Chinese records. Transporting yourself in Langkawi is restricted only to three means of transportation which you can easily around the Island. Car rentals are also available that you can use to secure easy transportation to places of interest in the Islands, the vendors are friendly people that approaches tourist for business. To get a good transportation deal, go for car hire you can use the car for a whole day with as little as RM60.

Visitors can use motorbike to get a better view of the interior of the Island. This option is cheap but can be very dangerous when you consider the accident occurrences that have been recorded. Rental services availability is also another plus the Island boasts of. Using the motorbike will require that you wear a protective helmet in case of an accident, this is part of the law of the land which you must obey so that you will not spoil the fun you are having at Langkawi. The cost employing the services of a Taxi man is far greater when compared to other available transportation services. With just RM5 you can get some destinations. Quality goods can be found in Langkawi that you can easily buy as souvenir for you loved ones, though the shops are not all that many.

Kuah is the centre coordinating all the shopping activities o the Island, visitors cannot but visit Kuah, especially if they what they will take home. One hundred retail store house called Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall also provide an alternative source for buying desired luxury goods for visitors. The major retail store among these conglomerate of stores is Billion Duty Free Department Store. In Langkawi you will find lots of items sold cheap for visitors, this is one of the areas of vacationing that many visitors enjoy and why they come to the Island.

For more cheap items one can also visit Langkawi Duty Free in Kuah. Should a shopper visit this shop, he will not find a big building but a busy one and evidences of well satisfied customers. At peak seasons, many people do visit Saga in Kuah town as is one of their favorite for less expensive but great luxury items. You can join other visitors at Jetty Kuah and do your shopping there, you guarantee of seeing what you need as the number of shops has doubled now. You have various options to choose from if you want to buy duty free goods feel free to use them. Many visitors also like local crafts which are in various designs and beautifully decorated. If you don't in Langkawi during your visit to the Island, then you have missed the major fun that visitors enjoy doing.

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