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Potential Trouble for Santa Could Lead to Flyclear

By Rob Sutter

Seen as the busiest time of year for Santa Claus, the popular bearded man in red is ready to transport presents to the housing of children everywhere. With his slew of reindeer at his beck and call, he is ready to take to the world and deliver what he has to the nice boys and girls of the world. However, would it plausible that Santa, during this one day, outwardly ran into problems with his sleigh? Reindeer can't carry a sleigh that refuses to move differently and this may be a chance for the flyclear method to come about.

Every other day of the year, Santa seems to have everything running perfectly. His work force of elves develops toys and goodies for children from all over the world and business seems to move at a swift pace. Santa's workshop at the North Pole is, most of the time, a well-oiled contraption. The fact that it is ideal all of the time only makes me wonder more so about the chance of a hiccup occurring. The hiccup could lead to Santa taking on other ways in order to get around the world.

The thing that can be said about the company known as CLEAR is that it has made the lives of passengers all the simpler. This was done through the flyclear method, which helps to not only bring said passengers through security faster but save them overall time in the process. If it can help normal people en route to their planes so quickly, I can only imagine what it can do for Santa during his busiest time of the year. Seeing this familiar figure cruising on a flight would be a sight to behold, I'm certain.

Could you imagine Santa having to take the plane because his sleigh was not functioning in the way that it should have been? It's akin to Spider-Man taking a car because he ran out of the webbing to swing by. However, there come times when even the most ideal of machines stop working or simply break down upon themselves. Repairs will have to be made but until they are up and running, the people who were utilizing them in the past would have to look elsewhere to move about.

The holidays mean a tremendous deal to us and we want to make certain that they go off without a hitch. However, even the smallest problems can throw the biggest monkey wrench into our times and that's when we have no choice but to make changes. Some of them aren't going to be ones we like, such as Santa having to enter a plane to get about. However, the flyclear method has made things easier in the way of time and in Santa's schedule, time is one thing that he needs a great measure of.

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