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The Best Things to Do with Kids in Providence, RI

By Mary Klutchko

Traveling from one state to another with kids in tow can be a tiresome chore. In fact, traveling anywhere with kids in the car for a prolonged period can give you a thumping headache. When you are planning a vacation, it is important that you choose vacation spots that offer various kid-friendly activities that will keep them busy! There are many things to do with kids in Providence, RI that will delight young and old alike.

An area that many youngsters tend to love is Providence Children's Museum and it is located in the Jewelry District. The business hours are 9 am to 6 pm each day and it is open for business year-round. The Providence Children's Museum includes 9 displays in a couple of areas which will encourage youngsters to play and discover more. Many different special events happen within the museum during the course of the week. The main exhibitions are tailored to little children between the age range of 1 to 11. Together locals and tourists can appreciate what the Providence Children's Museum has to offer for child-friendly things to do in Providence, RI.

Yet another destination which has things to do with kids in Providence, which your young ones could choose to get involved in, is a visit into the Roger Williams Park Zoo. There are over 37 exhibition areas for children to explore. The kids will be able to view much more than 100 distinctive animal varieties from around the globe. The Roger William Park Zoo is available year-round and will be offering a lower price of entrance in January and also February. You could save even more simply by going to this zoo park during the first Saturday of the month - as the entrance fee is waved for all visitors. Its address is 1000 Elmwood Avenue. The zoo has promised to include more amenities in the foreseeable future.

In addition there are numerous absolutely free child-friendly things to do in Providence, RI. For instance, go back in time by checking out many of the traditional sites that are a part of Providence's extraordinary and colorful history. The Beavertail Lighthouse is located nearby. It was erected in 1856. The Beavertail Lighthouse still is in operation and it proudly displays its blindingly bright light to ships 24 hours a day. Additionally, there is the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum situated in the area. It has a few exhibitions consisting of designs and photographs about Rhode Island lighthouses in history, as well as recent varieties too.

You might also arrange a journey to the Big Nazo Puppet Workshop. At the workshop, they will understand how these enormous foam puppets are manufactured. There are not any entrance fees. You will get the insiders info about how much work is put into producing these types of interesting puppets and get to meet with the creators themselves. The puppet masterpieces are known to wander out and about around town, as well as make nationwide and foreign journeys too. Going to the Big Nazo Puppet Workshop is actually a treat that is liked by adults and kids. Additionally there are a number of shops in close proximity for beverages as well as gift buying.

For those that wish a more serene adventure can stop in at the Botanical Center in Roger Williams Park. Here you will be treated with the wonderful fragrant flowers from all over the world. There is also a waterfall for you to gaze upon. The Museum of Natural History Planetarium hosts many activities for both children and adults to enjoy. Here you will be enthralled with the many different exhibits that are a valuable learning experience for all visitors.

As you've read, there are lots of things to do with kids in Providence, Rhode Island that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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