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Hankook Tires Offer Over 60 Years Of Modernizations

By Karine N. Littel

With manufacturing beginning in 1941, Hankook tires possess years of experience in producing many of the industry's best models with more than three thousand retail stores throughout the United States and Canada, including exports to more than 185 countries. Hankook has grown to be the world's seventh largest tire producer, thanks to the amazing features and unsurpassed safety ratings they possess for a sundry of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to trucks to motorsports and recreational vehicles. No matter the application, Hankook is guaranteed to safely support the most routine endeavors or the most enjoyable and exciting adventures imaginable.

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, Hankook strives to supply the market with the next best innovation, as a high prominence is placed upon research and development to supply motorists with the best patents available. One ideal example of how Hankook integrates their illustrious 'Kontrol Technology' into every patent is the Hankook OptimoH727 which topped the charts this year for consumer satisfaction as the best budget tire for all-season reliability. Comfort, safety, environment, and performance factors are all key elements that Hankook tires provide to create the utmost responses through these astonishing, company-made guidelines.

To present these top-quality rankings, Hankook has purposefully placed R&D facilities around the world in specific locations to target and resolve the needs and wants of drivers throughout the nations with centers in Japan, China, Europe, America, and the main complex in Korea. Factors such as gas economy and rigid road conditions are issues found on all highways and country roads throughout the nations and Hankook strives to provide the best qualities to endure any challenges. Hankook tires provide reduced noise, resistance to wear and tear, extended tread life, and unsurpassed comfort to meet the expectations of every driver.

Hankook engineers designs for campers, buses, and RV's to provide the utmost protection, fuel economy, and enjoyment for miles of comfort and safety as experienced with touring editions for passenger vehicles as well. All-season and winter editions are devised for all makes and models to offer maximized traction through ice and snow, or balanced, year-round protection from seasonal ailments. Commercial vehicles are specially formulated for not only a longer wear life, but other factors as well including long distance temperament and enhanced sidewalls to support heavier freights and road hazards. SUV's, ATV's, and trucks are all backed by the unequaled grip of all-terrain tires, for enjoyable but safe traction through environments such as sand, mud, sticks, and rocks.

Hankook tires are industry frontrunners for ingenious patents, not to forget their illustrious and D.O.T. compliant models for motorsports. Individuals will relish the aggressive treading and patterns, fortified sidewalls, and more qualities that provide ultimate performance. Invest with Hankook today to begin profiting from the benefits these marvelous tires provide for miles and miles.

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