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Horse Racing, Slot Machines, and Las Vegas fun is just the beginning with Sigma Derby

By Tommy Lorenzo

A recent post-midnight jaunt to Downtown Las Vegas led me to the vintage gaming area on the second floor of The D Hotel and Casino. The first thing I heard as I approached the myriad of old-school coin operated slot machines was a voice yelling "c'mon two-three, c'mon two-three!" Surely I had heard this type of exclamation many a time at the race and sports book or perhaps walking by a craps table, but at a quarter past midnight on the second floor of The D? The reason for heading to The D in the first place was to check out the Long Bar on the main floor. I headed upstairs to simply snap a couple of photos of the sports book for a future review. I had no idea that I was going to spend the next two hours having a heck of a good time.

The sports book located in this area had long closed for the evening and there are no table games in this area, but the space is filled with vintage slot machines and the star attraction here is the Sigma Derby machine. There are a number of things that makes Sigma Derby fun. The free drinks, meeting new folks (I met people from Maryland, Minnesota, and California), and the chase of hitting the 200-1 jackpot. And a lot of people agree about the fun as Sigma Derby has quite a cult following, including their own Facebook page.

Sigma Derby is pretty simple to play. A player bets a minimum 25 cents on an exacta combination (1st and 2nd place in exact order). If the horses come in the order you selected, you win! Odds for every combination changes for each race and sometimes, the elusive 200-1 pops up. The horses (think small models of horses and jockeys on a popsicle stick) race around the oval and the stretch run is always fun to watch, especially if you're exacta combination looks like it's going to come in.

Sigma Derby was near extinction (there is another machine located at The MGM), however you wouldn't know it by the condition of the Sigma Derby Machine at The D. The machine has been refurbished and is in great condition, from both its looks and the way it operates.

The fun lasted for about two hours, the biggest payout I hit during that time was at 15-1 which was great. But, the fun of this game is the people you meet while playing and the fact that The D's floor staff was great in terms of friendliness and service - I was never without a drink at the table. If you happen to find yourself in Downtown Las Vegas, seeking out The Sigma Derby machine on the second floor of The D is a winning bet!

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