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Encounters Of Adventure Presented By Kilimanjaro Safari

By Douglas Rathbone

A Kilimanjaro Safari grants a fantastic opportunity for individuals seeking to explore this mountain which is the highest in the African continent. It has a height of about 19,340 feet but despite this, accessing it remains a possibility even by individuals who have no skills in climbing mountains. There are high chances of meeting interesting wildlife when walking to the highest point. The trek also presents you with an excellent means through which you can test your abilities as you take pleasure in the adventurous side Africa has to offer.

The mountain is located in Tanzania which is one of the East African countries that borders Kenya. The mountainous structure entails volcanoes and they include Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. Individuals who reach the topmost point will go through a variety of five climatic zones.

Climbers commence their journey from the rain forest, head to heath land, moors, alpine desert and finally end up at the glaciers. Wildlife will be encountered in every zone on all the slopes except the summit. This means climbers are bound to come across mammal species like the elephants and buffaloes on the slopes found on the northern side of the mount.

Inside the forests found on the mount, tourists will easily see monkeys, white plus black Columbus including Sykes monkeys which have turned this place into their habitat. Birds are available in plenty and hawks fly through the skies. Ravens including sun birds will easily be spotted as well.

Back in the day, no one ever thought the mount was particularly accessible. Not even native Chagga people who live in the region at the bottom were ever successful when it came to climbing it. Their tribesmen who attempted to scale the mountain either gave up because of frostbite or other severe conditions they developed. This changed the moment Ludwig Purtscheller together with Hans Meyer successfully became the very first people to reach the summit in 1889. One was a mountaineer of Austrian origins while the other was a geographer from Germany respectively.

The mountain is in such a way that anyone can actually climb it for as long as one is in good shape. If you are able to run for about 30 minutes without taking a stop then you will most certainly manage the ascent. It is advisable for climbers to wear the appropriate footwear and suitable clothing. These prevent any problems from occurring.

The kind of nature found at the mount gives the climbers a good opportunity in the form of Kilimanjaro Safari more so for people who are willing to take the adventurous trek. About 15,000 visitors climb it every single year. They often view it as a memorable experience.

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