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Locating The Finest Prague Segway Trip Has Huge Positives

By John Key

Segway Prague tours have become the latest trend used to visit the various sites of this historic city. These novel outings are an exceptional way to observe the abundant tourist attractions in a short period of time. It allows tourists access to sights that traditional bus or other types of sightseeing may not reach.

Basically the type of Segway Prague provides can be described as a "scooter" with 2 wheels, powered by electric motors that may travel at up to 12 m/ph. Generally called a PT or personal transporters due to it only having room for one person to stand on. Gyroscopic sensors enable movement of the vehicle in a forward or reverse motion as the person shifts weight.

There are many Segway Prague tours available to choose from and booking can be done online. On arrival, individuals are given 5-10 min training on how to operate the PT, as well as helmet and headphones through which the guide communicates. When the booking is made the person can specify what language is preferred for the tour and group bookings are also available.

The Old Town tour takes approximately 1 hour and is the quickest one on offer. Starting off at Little square traveling through to the famous Old Town square, stopping for a break at Lennon Wall before returning to the square. This area is the oldest part of the city and also considered as very romantic.

Premium outings, which incorporate all the most famous tourist sites such as the Old Town, Prague Castle, Lesser Town to mention but a few are the longest trips on offer. This 3 hour guided city experience promises to mesmerize any person as one is able get inside information from the local guides. A walk through along the Vltava River banks is also included where visitors can see the many musicians, street performers and artists at work.

Another exciting tour is aimed at those wanting to travel into the scenic hillsides of above the city. This is made possible by way of riding on Segway. An obvious advantage here it that one gets to enjoy the panoramic views without needing to take very exhausting mountain hikes.

All available tours use local residents as guides, tourists will be given ponchos and helmets as extra protection in case of rain fall. Unfortunately for safety reasons if it snows or there are ice on the routes then the tour will be postponed, this is only during the winter season. But besides these conditions the Segway Prague tours are able to run every other day during the year.

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