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Stunning Natural Landmarks in Indianapolis

By Pris Stratton

Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and this capital needs no introduction. Through history this city has been the location of many sporting events. Like the Indianapolis 500 and now the following Super Bowl. In addition to sporting tourism, the city of Indianapolis also attracts tourists of a different breed. This is thanks to the fact that Indianapolis has some of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the USA.

Cowles Bog

One landmark worth visiting is Cowles Bog which travelers will find just west of Mineral Springs Road. Cowles' Bog is accessible to the public thru a trail on Indiana Dunes State Lakeshore. This trail has on it three loops which begin at the parking area. One popular area that's in reach is Lake Michigan, which is a short 1.7 miles away if you are taking the direct route.

Indiana Dunes State Park

The Indiana Dunes State Park is another unique natural landmark in Indianapolis. You'll find this unique landmark forty seven miles east of Chicago, IL. One of the most important parts of this landmark are the hiking trails and dune landscape, which are found on the Dunes Nature Preserve. Like most parks in Indiana, there is a charge required on entry. This particular state park has a lot of history attached to it. For years Native Americans used this area, mostly for trading goods along the Mississippi River. Guests will find many activities here to hold their interest. Pursuits like bird watching, swimming and hiking.

Hanging Rock

One of the more fascinating Indianapolis natural landmarks is Hanging Rock. Hanging Rock is a famous site that's in Wabash County, Indiana. The famous site was judged a landmark in May, 1986 for good reason, seeing how it's one of the most highly valuable Indianapolis natural landmarks. The landmark has a fossilized coral reef that goes back to about 400 million years ago. There's also some history behind the name Hanging Rock. The reef deposit is 75 feet above and is undercut by the river; this is what gives it that hanging appearance. Hanging Rock is open to the general public, however fishing is forbidden.

Marengo Cave

One of the most exploited natural landmarks in Indianapolis is the Marengo Cavern. It is one of 4 caves that can be found to the general public/ There are regular tours since that guests can take, with the first if such tours happening way back in about 1883. The cave had been discovered by 2 young children and just days after the discovery tours were underway. The cavern is open all 365 days of the year and offers two different tours you can select from. A charge is needed for both tours.

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve is one more natural landmark in Indianapolis. The nature preserve is in Evansville, Indiana and is managed by the Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve Society. Some of the trees you will find here are over 400 years old and when visiting the public is welcome to see the various exhibits and observation centers that are provided.

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