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Super Yacht: A Luxury Boat

By Justine Frost

Super yachts are not simply yachts, they are super! Although this striking boats have been about for in excess of a century now, only a select few in the entire world owns one because of the steep price tag that comes along with them. They are an entire separate category of luxury vessel. Some people see them as a really big sailing yacht with its own professional crew or a little cruise ship. Calling super yachts luxury boats is a bit understated.

From a few million dollars to several hundred million dollars for the very huge ones, super yachts are truly a rich man's vessel. It is no less than 24 meter long, although it can reach a mega yacht rank once it reaches more than 80 meters in size, and a gigayacht rank if it is over 100 meters in length. It traditionally has 3 decks for the regular ones, but there are likewise those that have a few more decks and a sun deck. It also nearly always serves only 12 guest passengers maximum at a time.

But it's not so much the size as what it has. These yachts can accommodate a salon, sauna and steam room, movie room, open air swimming pool, no less than four guest cabins with shower rooms, library, indoor and outdoor dining, bars, gym, Jacuzzi, and entertainment room among others. And because of its size and facilities, it requires professional crew to run, not like a smaller sailing yacht, which can be operated by the owner alone.

It's not surprising, though, that merely several thousands of these exist in the world. Aside from the staggering price, there are only a few people on earth who can afford and are willing to spend 10 to 15 percent of their luxury yacht's price every year for its crew and its maintenance. That's not counting the taxes that owners pay to keep their super yachts cruising in different seas. Some owners have their super yachts rented to pay for its expenses. So for those who don't want lifelong commitment but have cash to spare, they can experience luxury by chartering one for just $20,000 or more per day.

Albeit very few, there are still people who wish to join the exclusive group of super yacht owners. Those who do can pick between buying an already present yacht, secondhand or brand new, or have one constructed. They won't have a say in the design of an already present super yacht anymore, for obvious reasons. But if they wish to have a custom-made design, they can have their super yachts created from scratch, and decide on its details, including the materials, pipings, etc. Hire a designer and a builder work on it to guarantee quality product.

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