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Travellers And Bed Bugs At Home

By Helen Price

Are you a fervent backpacker? Have you just come from a sixty-day backpacking journey across Asia, crossing the mainland on overnight buses and trains, biking your way around Angkor's many temples and eating fresh seafood in Vietnam? Most individuals will enthuse about your life, and true enough, nothing beats the joy of waking up in a new place every single time.

But then again you go home and realise you have taken much more than you have bargained for. You may have the photographs and the memories, but along with these, the bed bugs. And nothing is truer for the avid traveller than this one. Hostels, dormitories, inns, trains, and sleeper buses all expose the traveller to the nuisance that is the bed bug, sticking to backpacks and clothes all the way to your home.

[[Bed bugs, just like all other pests, are a nuisance to daily life, causing itch and irritation to the skin. Thankfully however, the problem on bed bugs is easily solved with effective pest control. Pest management professionals could ably eradicate bed bugs and prevent them from breeding by looking at infected spots of your home and surrounding areas and disinfecting their breeding grounds. Pest Control In Singapore requires a highly technical process, not the least because it involves chemicals not anyone could administer. This means that once you discover an infestation, do not take it upon yourself to eliminate them, spraying random chemicals that are not made for bed bug eradication in the first place.]]

As soon as eliminated, you also need to ensure you don't put in another batch from your future travels. To reduce the risk of infestation of bed bugs, take a bit more caution with your belongings while travelling. Because bed bugs cling to cloth, don't place your backpacks and clothes on practically any surface. It is always better to keep your clothes inside your backpack or else hang them where they are less exposed.

Once you reach home, it is best to empty your rucksack someplace else other than your bed or bedroom and place it on the laundry for washing. Wash the clothes you have worn on the road separately from the others. It is also advisable to wash all other clothes, even those you didn't end up using during your travels. It is also recommended to clean cloth pouches because these are as vulnerable to bed bug infestation as any article of clothing you have brought with you.

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  1. Traveling is one of the interesting events of life which we go ahead. There are many travelers those who complain about varieties problems such as bedbugs. Bedbugs are the most infectious insect which suck human blood. These are very much parasitic to us. In order to treat them we should always carry good insecticides if we are traveling to a remote area.


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