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Outstanding Squaw Valley Resort Things Aside From Snowboard

By Flo Sudar

Okay so if you're traveling to a ski resort with the whole family, chances are that not all of them are necessarily going to be skiers. When that happens, you want to make sure you're going to a resort that has plenty of other fun to be had. Through San Francisco Business Times you're definitely in luck.

If you're looking for some fun you can't have anywhere else, you've got to try the Sky Jump. This is a unique jumping harness featuring bungees that allows you to jump incredibly high, and perform high aerial somersaults.

For those that still love the experience of winter, you've got real ice skating on the Olympic Ice Pavilion. That means quality skating like you can't find at a local rink, and with the beautiful surroundings that only Lake Tahoe could provide.

But the coolest part about this ice skating is how you're going to get there. The Olympic Ice Pavilion is accessed via an aerial tram, where you get to take a look at the entire area around the mountain.

But of course many families go on vacation for the activities that they can pursue together. For that, there are plenty of great options out there provided by Disc Golf. Tons of team activities exist.

But there's plenty more in the High Camp as well, including ice skating, as well as their Olympic Museum. Something you absolutely have to see to visit a piece of the ski resort's fantastic history.

Through their handy heated design, you can rest assured that you'll be perfectly warm whether you're in the pool or the hot tub, when you decide to go in for a swim. It's a nice change from the normal winter scenery.

But make sure before you leave you take the aerial lift trams. These will provide you with a beautiful bird's eye view of the resort and the entire Lake Tahoe area. Something you have to see to believe.

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