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Tips For Planning A Great Valentine's Day Weekend Getaway

By Jenny Mays

If considering doing something more special than flowers and candy this Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day weekend getaways are a consideration, here are some great tips for you to remember. You want this trip to be memorable so make sure that you consider the following details.

1. Work Schedules

It makes no sense to go to all the trouble of planning the most romantic getaway only to find out that your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend cannot get away with you because of work or other commitments that you would have known about if you had asked. Even those who work regular 9 to 5 jobs during the week may still work during the weekend especially if they need to catch up on work so you cannot always assume that your partner will be free on the weekend. Ask them if they are available to go away with you on the weekend you are thinking of. Leave the final destination of the trip as the surprise to them.

2. Overcome Awkwardness

There are certain aspects of going away together even on a short Valentine's Day weekend getaway that may be uncomfortable especially if not discussed beforehand. It also depends on how well you know each other or how long you have been dating. One of these issues is whether to book one or two rooms. This may be uncomfortable unless you both know what is expected and have discussed the issue.

Do not assume. You want to make him or her comfortable during the trip as well as yourself, so if there are any areas of the trip with the potential for making one or both of you uncomfortable, do discuss this before the trip so that you both have the right expectations of each other and the trip.

3. Location

When choosing the destination for the trip, do make sure that it is a location that your partner likes. You do not want to pick a destination that caters to your interests and simply hope that your partner will also like the location. Their needs should always override yours. This is what love is all about. You may like the same places which is great but if you do not, pick a location that your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will like.

4. Romantic trips as a gift

A romantic trip even a weekend trip or a discounted trip will in most cases be considered an extravagant gift so consider the stage and length of the relationship before planning this getaway. You do not want to make the other person uncomfortable if they feel that the relationship does not yet warrant such an extravagant gift. You may do better with flowers and candy on Valentine's.

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