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Everything That You Need To Know About The Carnival In Rio De Janeiro

By Jordan Ebor

The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. Rio Carnival is a must-do event on any travellers list.

Rio Carnival is all about parades, dancing, music and infamous street parties. The most famous dance of Rio Carnival is the samba, which is a Brazilian dance with African influences. The samba remains a popular dance not only at Rio Carnival but also in the villages outside of the main cities throughout Brazil.

One of the main purposes of the Rio Carnival parade is for a samba school to compete with other rival samba schools. This competition is the climax of the whole Rio Carnival festival. The samba schools build floats, costumes and create songs and themes (in Carnival terminology called "enredo") for their entries. They also include the best music they can from their drumming band, which is called the bateria. There are many parts to each school's entry including up to eight floats and 4,000 party goers.

The music of Rio Carnival contains amazing beats and rhythms, which has the crowds dancing all over the streets of Rio. The samba is the main dance of Rio Carnival, but music in general is another major aspect of all parts of Rio Carnival. Samba Carnival instruments are an important part of Brazil and the Rio Carnival. The samba that is found in Rio is called batucada and the dance and music are based on percussion instruments.

There can be more than 300 street parties taking place at any given point in time during the Rio Carnival. While the biggest street party takes place right outside the Sambadrome, the largest organized street dance is typically found on Cinelndia Square in Rio's Centro, but numerous street parties take place throughout the city during Rio Carnival. According to police estimates, more than 5 million people attend one of the street parties during Rio Carnival and there is very little reported incident of crime.

Today, some of the biggest events of Rio Carnival are ticketed events. There are different types of Sambadrome tickets that are available for purchase. Grandstand tickets are general admissions tickets that are available on a first come-first serve basis and are not allocated ahead of time. Frisas are open air box seats located along the samba runway. Camarotes are luxury boxes situated between the frisas and the grandstands. Sector 9 is the tourist sector, which are the same as grandstand tickets, with the difference being that they are allocated so people have assigned seats.

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