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Trang of Thailand

By Davis James

After learning through numerous Thai's raving on about Trang and how the snorkeling was terrific, I thought I much better go see exactly what the difficulty is all about and also heard fantastic reviews in a couple of Thai online forums. My wife and I went to a travel expo in Bangkok and reserved a bundle that included 2 nights accommodation, including all meals and 2 days of snorkeling.

After a 1 hour air travel we landed in Trang, it is located southern of Phuket. Our resort selected us up from the flight terminal and took us to a pier for our ferry to our resort which was on a small island. At the pier I couldn't assist but see all the rubbish that was around, the location was filthy and I was beginning to think this journey is not going to live up to the hype from my Thai pals. But after the ferryboat to our resort I was shocked that the rubbish had actually vanished. Our cottage was found about 10 meters from the beach which was nice.

After we dropped our bags off we went to have diner, where we were greeted with 6 recipes of fish and shellfish. The amount of meals would of feed a household. After dinner which we didn't come close to finishing we went back to the cottage for some sleep to get ready for a complete day of snorkeling.

In the 2 days of snorkeling, we had an impressive time, there was a lot fish and they would eat rice right from our hands. We also went to a place called the emerald cave, its a little opening in the side of a mountain which we swam as a group into (with life jackets). The cavern was actually dark, however if you looked down the water was light blue and was offering us a few light from the reflection from the sun. After about 30 meters in it just went pitch black for about 50 meters. As soon as we got to the end of the cavern, the water brightened as there was an opening at the end of the cavern. Our guide told us there is a small beach bordered by cliffs on the other side of the wall. However to get there we would have to swim under the wall for about 5 meters. I am a quite strong swimmer and it was easy for me, but we had one man who could not swim at all. We needed to make him hold his breath and 2 of us swam and pushed him under and with to the other side.

When most of us made it through we were on a beach that had to do with 50 by 50 meters. It was a stunning location. I was informed by our guide, that many years ago this is where pirates used to hide there valuables.

Once we got back out we went to numerous other spots to snorkel prior to we went back to our resort. It was an exhausting day.

After each tiring day we were greeted by a huge quantity of fish and shellfish for dinner. I need to state this journey did live up to the buzz. Trang is a gorgeous location to check out, I would suggest it to anybody. If you like the sun, promising meals and snorkeling, then Trang is the place to go.

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