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The Ancient Mayan Civilization And Their Majestic Temple Pyramids

By Linda Patterson

The Mayans and their history have gotten the interest of many people from all over the world. The ancient Mayas have in fact predicted the events on our modern day lunar calendars accurately. Perhaps this is the reason why they are called doomsayers. According to research studies, the Mayan civilization has predicted future events which were accurate. Their prediction of the world's end has received a lot of attention, rumors and controversies. Many people were afraid, a lot considered this untrue while some believed in it. They used their knowledge in astronomy to predict future events.

The ancient Mayas mainly relied on the actions of the sky, moon, stars, sun, seeking guidance from the heavens. There are in fact a lot of people who still believe that terrestrial behaviors are influenced by the stars. Undoubtedly, the stars are one of the universe's guiding forces with predicting everything from the time of the year to the occurrence of the approaching season. Mariners since then are using the skies to navigate the seas. The ancient Mayans were focused in studying the heavens. The Venus cycle is among the significant calculations found in the writings of the Mayans. They considered the morning star as a good sign. Not counting the fact that it's still visible during day time, the Mayans viewed it as a heavenly sign from the gods in order to guide new endeavors. Hence this is why a number of wars were fought a long time ago because of this sign.

Their Long Count system is one other fascinating aspect of the culture found among the ancient ruins. The end of the Mayan count claimed that the world will end in 2012. Nevertheless, there's little proof or discussion in the Mayan civilization that strongly says this will occur. A lot of scholars believe that the events described by the long count calendar were for the time of the Mayans. One scholar mentioned that it's not pertaining to cosmic shifting, but about a particular event a long time ago that brought on festivity amongst lots of people.

The Mayan temple pyramids are other interesting attractions for tourists to see. A lot of historians were left in awe by the shape and size of their temple pyramids which is a proof of how advanced this long lost civilization was. Many people even believed that the advanced knowledge of the Mayans came from the extra terrestrial beings that came to Earth. This served as an explanation as to why the Mayans have great knowledge in math and science and were able to predict different seasons and tides.

Your Mayan discovery would not be complete without exploring some of their artifacts. Special markings can be seen in their carvings which are called glyphs. Though they just might appear like usual carvings to the untrained eye, in actual fact, vital and certain messages are engraved in them. They're a complete listing of ancient Mayan rites and also celebrations. The activities that were described in their carvings include the Mayan contacts with the other world, offering to the gods as well as ancient human sacrifice. The wondrous achievements of the Mayans stood the test of time and continue to capture the interest of the many.

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