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Experience Eco Tours And Multi-Sport Adventure In Belize

By Linda Patterson

Do you know a place that is blessed with natural resources, lush tropical rainforest and beautiful white sand beaches? Where the beautiful beaches and its sea breezes are tempting you to take a dip in the turquoise blue waters? Tours to the Mexican Caribbean and the Mayan ruins are the best selling travel packages offered today. I am talking about Belize. As a matter of fact, Belize is deemed to be among the best kept tourist destination in the world as it is bountiful, exotic and beautiful. However, it is quite unfamiliar to many tourists but there are a lot of things to be discovered in this amazing vacation destination.

This little Central American country sits on the coast of the Caribbean and continues to attract many tourists from around the world. It's true that Belize was outshone by its neighboring countries for years when it comes to tourism. Usually, most people would think that a Caribbean tour will bring them to Bahamas, Jamaica, and Aruba, Barbados and to other islands off the American coast. Many have not known that Belize has everything for a perfect and adventure-filled tropical getaway from tropical white sand beaches, to Mayan ruins, rich tropical jungles, exciting nature and outdoor activities and more.

Belize's eco tourism is one of the reasons why many would like to venture to this destination. Hiking and trekking are the activities available that offer the opportunities to encounter a diverse wildlife. Since a great number of tourists are flocking to this place, the government of Belize made several programs to protect these sites while allowing visitors to enjoy its natural beauty without devastating it.

Among the best trek is going to the town of Placencia. This small and old-fashioned community offers a different feeling for those who have went to this place and has attracted tourists to live here forever. This place provides many things to explore such as the ancient ruins of the Mayans. The fact is, interesting sights to see range from the historical artifacts discovered in Mayflower, Nim Li Punit and also Lubantuum. These sites provide opportunity for tourists to get a glimpse of the ancient civilization.

A Caribbean vacation is not complete without a swim in the neon blue waters of the Caribbean. Surely, Belize offers you the most beautiful beaches found in the world. There are cayes on the coast of Belize. Placencia also offers a number of fun water activities perfect for water lovers and water sports enthusiast. The whale shark diving is the main beach attraction. Sites of interest also include the famous Great Blue Hole. This area gives a panoramic view of a large sink hole with atolls encircling it. This is among the best scuba diving sites you can find in the world. Snorkeling as well as kayaking is among the well known activities here.

Definitely, there are still other exciting things to do in Belize that will make your vacation in Belize more than memorable.

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