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Why Should You Travel Around New Zealand?

By David Francis

New Zealanders or 'Kiwis' as some people call them are a very happy bunch of people who welcome tourists with open arms. There is two stunning islands to visit and kiwi hospitality shines through the both. You will be welcomed as part of the family and kiwi hospitality is renowned the world over for having a warm welcome. The lifestyle here is outdoors, where the locals are active and enjoy playing in their surroundings.

They are some of the best hosts I have ever come across and enjoy hearing the stories of our travels. The Kiwi people live an outdoors life and enjoy fishing, kayaking, tramping (hiking), and all sorts if crazy adrenaline sports, especially in the south island.

As well as the great kiwi hospitality,New Zealand has a strong Maori history. This is more predominant in the north island, but the culture has a grip all around the country.The Maori people came across in canoes from the Polynesian islands many years ago and have many traditions and legends about the country. There are a few sacred sites you can visit and the Maori art and wood carvings are everywhere around the country. They also carved bone and greenstone to make weapons and jewellery.

The food in New Zealand is spectacular with specialities such as lamb, venison, pork, pies, seafood and honey being favourites with tourists. The kiwi cuisine is proudly showcased through the two islands with local restaurants competing for business by coming up with creative and delicious dishes to wet the tourists appetites.

Getting around in New Zealand is easy as the roads are of the highest quality and this makes driving around in a car or campervan a breeze. The long winding corners and dramatic mountain passes make driving around New Zealand a great experience. You can rent a campervan or motorhome at any of the airports or in one of the cities once you get there. This gives you the freedom to go where you want and not rely on scheduled transport options.

Alternatively you could jump on a bus by one of the many tourism operators, or stick out your thumb and hitch a ride! This is a very common practice throughout the country, thanks to the friendly people you should not be waiting to long for a lift. Hitchhiking is quite a popular way for people to get around especially backpackers.

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