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Find The Best Tempe Wine Bar

By Irma Farrell

Although Tempe, Arizona is most likely the last place that comes to mind then thinking about vino, in reality, it has a number of tempting vino bars. The restauranteurs of the valley offer a plethora of distinctive and flavorful wines for the community. As a matter of fact, a complete wine-tasting tour could turn up a Tempe wine bar on nearly any corner of Mill Avenue.

A sophisticated Polish couple owns Caffe Boa, one of the staples in the vino community. They enjoy spending their summers in Croatia which in turn gives them a unique opportunity that sets them apart from other wine bars. They have a vast selection that ranges from unknown Eastern European vineyards to well known California selections.

Caffe Boa, the popular and modern European Bistro boasts an energetic and edgy vibe. In the same way that the owners have created a menu of organic local and seasonal selections, they stick to biodynamic organic wines. They offer customers twenty-five glass offerings and an astounding 475 bottle selections.

Phoenix New Times has given La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar the title of best sangria in Tempe and it's no surprise why. This place is all about bringing the best of both worlds together, pizza and vino make the perfect comfort meets class combination. With daily specials and monthly seasonal selections this place has it all, this month is all about the finest vino France has to offer showcasing the countries oldest sparkling wine.

Salute Kitchen Bar perfects the combination of vintage meeting rustic in the ambiance it provides. If you want affordable prices in a classy establishment than look no further, their food is an American Mediterranean fusion that will have your senses swirling. This restaurant does not stop at a tantalizing food menu they also have a impressive collection of over 100 wines to pair with their cuisine.

If you want to host an event then be sure to check out the private room in Salute Kitchen Bar, it is a great location with everything you could need. There are many amazing features to this restaurant including the display wine room that showcases there selection of west coast wines as well as a few international selections. Being newer in this area has not slowed this place down one bit, they are in Tempe, AZ to stay.

Have you ever wanted to create you own vino? If your answer was yes then look no further, Studio Vino offers a cool experience where you can make, bottle, and label your very own vino. If you would like to just sit back and enjoy a glass or stop in a grab a few bottles to go this is the vino bar for you. They offer salads, cheese platters, olive trays, and pizza to go along with your vino selections, who could ask for more?

Arizona is quickly becoming a vino staple and that is due to the Tempe restauranteurs that have taken up residence. You could make your own vino tour and hit up all of these locations to find your perfect match. Whether you are looking for a particular ambiance, flavor, or vino there is a Tempe wine bar that is bound to have it.

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