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For A Great Mayan Adventure Visit Central America

By Linda Patterson

There is no other place in the world that can offer a visit to the Mayan world than Central America. Get to visit the ancient Mayan ruins in the heart of the tropical rainforests. The Mayan ruins tours in Central America will take you to the several ancient archaeological sites in the heart of the tropical jungle where you can see abundant rich wildlife. Central America is the perfect destination for any avid birder because in this region you will see blue herons, scarlet macaws and colorful parrots.

Overseas adventure travel package includes extensive tours to the Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Belize which will last up to 20 days and are perfect for any adventurous traveler. In this ultimate tour, the traveler will get to explore the best of Yucatan. In addition, this tour will offer an exploration that will impart more learning about the ancient Mayans.

You won't be needing a good resort to stay in once you start your Mayan adventure tour. Visit and explore the well known and largest Mayan ruins - the Chichen Itza Mayan site. Touring Chichen Itza will enable you to see the largest pyramid in the southern Hemisphere called El Castillo. The very first sports arenas were in fact uncovered in this place. In this area, there are 7 ball courts and the most immense is the Grand Ball Court. Not many of the rules of the ancient Mayan sport are discovered these days, apart from human sacrifice was involved eventually. I am pretty sure that this is the game that you will want to win. Experience more of Yucatan by visiting Tulum and Tikal archaeological sites. Get to see the Tulum ruins by taking an additional tour from Playa del Carmen. Tikal, Calakmul and Waka are the other three great ancient Mayan cities that are worth visiting.

Aside from exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, you also have a choice to go scuba in the beautiful beaches in Belize. Swim in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and see abundant marine life. Tours to Cozumel are also offered where you have the opportunity to see the amazing underwater wonderland.

Aside from your visit to the ruins, you will also have a boat trip to the lushly vegetated jungle. The rich jungles are a destination for any avid bird watcher looking to see new bird species. There are many exotic bird species that live in the jungle trees such as cheeky parakeets and macaws. You will also see along the way the ever noisy Howler monkeys and spider monkeys. Moreover, you will get to see crocodiles in the rivers.

The Central American adventure travel will take you to the most amazing places in Mexico and Guatemala in the Yucatan Peninsula, offering an experience of a lifetime.

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