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There Is Much To Learn About Student Group Travel

By Chelsea Evans

For many kids at the local high school, the annual tour is the highlight of the year. As the principal announces that the tour will be attending and international theme park adventure, visiting a Hollywood movie set, experiencing the ice show, going scuba diving and travelling home by steam engine the excitement is high. Everyone wants a piece of the student group travel.

Organizing such a trip takes a lot of negotiation and arranging. There are a number of people involved and each one has a job to do. When arranging such a trip one has to get the best prices you possibly can. One has to try to keep the costs of such a trip as low as possible so that everyone can take advantage of it.

When it comes to getting the kids to the international theme park for the day you have to book an entire bus. Bus companies insist that you pay for this in advance and that you charter the entire bus irrespective of how many people there are in it. This means that you may have to pay for empty seats if the bus has more than 20 places.

Fortunately when booking events for a number of people many of the companies offer special rates provided you can guarantee the volume of individuals. This means having to pay upfront for the event so that they can be assured they will receive their money for the particular occasion. This is why when arranging such tours, the fees are due a few months prior to the actual event.

When it comes to arranging the trip to the theme park you have to book some busses to get the students there. Once you are there you have to pay the teller for the amount of people entering. Usually this is not done in advance but rather on the day at a special rate depending on how many kids there are.

The tour to the movie set is a different story and there you have to book in advance. Once again you are able to get special rates if there are more than 20 people taking part in the tour. There will have to be more than 4 tour vehicles used so here you can save a bit of money.

When it comes to the ice extravaganza, the company insists on payment in advance. They will offer a discount on block bookings of more than 20 people. This way they do not have to concern themselves if the seat gets taken or not. This does not apply to front row places.

The scuba diving school requires that payment is made in advance. They need to do this so that they can be assured of the places to be filled when making other bookings. A block cooking is once again given the privilege of a discounted rate.

For the student group travel ride home on the steam engine, you have to book and pay for the entire group 2 months in advance. Only children under the age of 14 get a reduced fee. The advance booking is to ensure that there is enough room for everyone to sleep and so that they can be prepared to cater for the volume you book for.

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