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Learning From Surf Lessons Kauai

By Carmella Watts

Surfing has been an all time favourite sport because it is a sport where in one can really feel his adrenaline rushing out because of the excitement. Although surfing may look really exciting from the shore, it is actually quite a dangerous sport that takes time to learn and eventually perfect. Now if one would really want to experience riding waves while the wind is blowing on his face, then he should think about getting some surf lessons Kauai first.

Before even attempting to find a trainer, one must first be equipped with the proper pieces of equipment and materials. Basically, one will be needing a surfboard, a leash that is specially used for surfing, some hard wax, and of course a wet suit. Now always remember to bring these things because most trainers will not allow students to join classes if these four things are not present.

Now balance is definitely the most important thing when it comes to surfing because one will not be able to stay on his board without it. That is why trainers will always let the students practice how to stand and lie down on their boards on land first. The students will first have to lie down on their boards and slowly try to stand on their feet.

The first step in learning how to stand on a board would be to first acquire a position lying down while on the board. From that position, try to slowly kneel on the board and then slowly stand on it with two feet. Try doing it slowly first and then go faster and faster as time goes by.

Eventually, one will be able to get used to how to move around on a board and can now enter the shallow and still part of the water. Now from the lying down position, push the board into the water and try to balance the board so that it does not move around. Then as practiced a while ago, try to stand up erect on his surfboard.

After being able to stand on the board properly without it going unbalanced, then one can learn how to turn the board to different directions. Now before he even tries to turn, he has to bend his body down a little bit in order to make the weight distribution even. From there, all he has to do is to shift the weight of his body to the direction he wants to go.

Now the reason why trainers are requiring students to bring a leash and a wax is simply because of precautionary measures. A surfing leash will help the surfer stay on his board without falling off. The wax on the other hand will enable him to stand on his surfboard by making his foot stick to it.

As one can see, there are so many important things to take note of when trying out surfing. For this reason, it is extremely important that one take up some surf lessons Kauai. That way, he will be able to enjoy himself with a small chance of accidents.

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