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Everything You Need To Know About Thailand's Full Moon Party

By Jordan Ebor

The Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party in the beach town of Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

The Full Moon Party has become part of the itinerary of many travellers to Asia. Seen by many as the ultimate party experience, the Full Moon Party was also featured in the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio and attracts some 20,000-30,000 partygoers each full moon.

The first Full Moon Party occurred at a nightclub not far from the beach in 1985. Back then some tourists organised a party to celebrate the majestic full moon that was going to light up the night sky. News of the event quickly spread and the small party grew to become the Full Moon Party we know today. Paradise Bungalows is the name of the original location of the Full Moon Party and these days there will often be an international DJ there on the night of the Full Moon Party.

Early in the morning before each full moon in Koh Phangan there is great expectation for the nights festivities as everyone is waiting for night to arrive and the Full Moon Party to begin.

The Full Moon Party commences around sunset, when the moon appears in the skies over Haad Rin and party goers come out of their hotels and head to the beach

Restaurants and packed bars all along the beach play all kinds of music to suit all tastes and serve up plenty of not only traditional Thai food, but also American, Italian, or French cuisine.

Once the full moon rises high in the sky, the Full Moon Party reaches fever pitch. Most people spend the evening dancing under the full moon lit sky, but there are also numerous street performers to marvel at right near the beachfront. Here you will find entertainers like jugglers and fire-stick throwers. If you're up for it you can even try throwing the fire sticks yourself.

If you feel courageous enough you can have a go at the famous fire skipping rope. Yep you heard right - the skipping rope is on fire! If you want to participate in this famous game, then you need to head to the Drop-In club. Even if you don't feel like trying it yourself, this is a must see part of the Full Moon Party.

One of the items that the Full Moon Party is famous for is the main drink called the "bucket". The "bucket" drink consists of some sort of whiskey, sugarcane rum, vodka and Red Bull. This "bucket" comes with a few straws so you can share the drink amongst your friends.

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