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Statue of Liberty's History

By Jeff Myers

The Statue of Liberty sits on New York's horizon, an icon that for more than a hundred years has designated freedom and America. Today Woman Liberty stands cool and calm in the Hudson Bay, looking over Manhattan Harbor, but so many years later one might wonder where she came from and why she is here. In order to answer these questions we intend to dig in the History of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty was first meant as a gift to the Northern Americans from the French. It was to celebrate the hundredth year of the Declaration of Independence. The present also symbolized the friendship that had developed between the two countries during the Revolutionary War. While it was meant to be completed in 1876, the original plans didn't work out.

The statue itself was commissioned to Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, but the entire process was a joint effort from either side of the pond. Due to a lack in funds from both nations the project was initially delayed. Fundraisers were held to raise the required money in France to insure the statue would rise on the edge of America. In the meantime on the North American side, the famous publisher Joseph Pulitzer pulled out all of the stops with his newspaper "The World" to help the North American folk step up to the plate. Eventually the money was raised to construct the pedestal that the Statue of Liberty would later stand on. The Statue of Liberty's history was still in progress though, and Woman Freedom herself wasn't completed for another 8 years.

Once the Statue was complete in France in July of 1884, it took almost a complete year to arrive on the beaches of Big Apple Harbour. She made her 1st debut in June of 1885. She had traveled from France to America in 214 crates holding 350 separate pieces on board the frigate called "Isere." Once the statue had finally arrived in New York in many pieces it wanted to be put together, no simple task for a monument so sizeable. After the four month process of constructing the final statue, she was dedicated on October 28, 1886. Though she was meant to be completed for the year 1876, casting backwards this is often regarded as a minor speed bump in the established history of the Statue of Liberty.

Today people principally flock to New York for Statue of Liberty tours. Even today she's an impressive presense and visitors can be stare up at the enormous statue and pedestal, which from the base to the tip of her torch measures 305 feet 6 inches high. She also weighs an enormous 225 tons. For those who need to climb and peer out over the huge harbor that so many rejoiced in reaching, the staircase inside is 154 steps up to her head.

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