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Go See The Pyramids Of Egypt Tour

By Danielle Galloway

The Pyramids of Egypt tour is one of the ancient wonders of the world. The most magnificent ancient structures that remain up till today. The rest of the ancient wonders have been destroyed by natural forces or by humans. The pyramid is a testament as to how advanced the Egyptians were in their architectural technology.

The most popular pyramid would be the structures in Giza, near the outskirts in Cairo. There, the pyramid is near perfection, and is thought to be one of the biggest structures ever built in ancient history. It is a wonder to many, even scientists and archaeologists, how these wonders were built. Though they were mainly used as the Pharaoh's tomb, a lot of other worldly possessions of the pharaoh are stored in these buildings as well.

The Egyptians attribute the whole notion of the pyramid to the great Imhotep who conceptualized the structure of these monuments. Imhotep was trying to come up with a monument that could go as high as the skies so they could communicate with their gods. He thought that a structure with a really wide base progressing upwards getting smaller in each level would be sturdy enough to stand on its own, even with its height.

The possibility of building the great pyramid at that time was because of the highly centralized government of Egypt. The pharaohs were deemed as gods, and during that time, all power and resources were centralized to the pharaoh. That being the case, all the manpower was directed towards the building of the Pharaoh's tomb. In the later years, when the government was not as centralized anymore, the pyramid of the pharaohs were not as big as in the early years.

It was thought then that the main function of these structures were mainly burial sites. Only later on with much studying and comparison of these structures did scientists realize that the ancient Egyptians utilized the building as some kind of resurrecting machine for the pharaohs to rise up to the heavens, towards the night sky.

The Sphinx is another marvel that scientists have been speculating about. It is a wonderful mythical animal that is symbolized with a lion's strong body, and a beautiful woman's head. It has great wings tucked to its side as well. The sphinx is known to give out riddles to men, but when they are unable to answer them, the devours these men as punishment.

The function and purpose of the sphinx remain a mystery to all. It was built by the Pharaoh Kharfa for his wife. It is built right beside his own pyramid, which is the second largest pyramid in the country. A lot have wondered as to whether there is a science behind the positioning of these two monuments.

The Pyramids of Egypt tour are such wonderful marvels to see. Everyone is recommended to see it before they die because this structure represents the early intelligence the human species had. It will be such a humbling experience to witness these structures first hand and see what the human race is truly capable of.

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