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500 Packages For The Great American Race

By Jocelyn Davidson

The Daytona 500 is among the most witnessed races every year. The glory and the speed that this thrilling event possess thrills every spectator not just in America, but internationally. It has changed a lot of lives and careers from one generation to another. Such power came from The Great American Race.

You can enjoy in a variety of ways you want to, depending on how you spend those few days of the event. Whether you are a die hard of a fan or you just started picking up the details of the event and mainly curious and amazed with it, there plenty of Daytona 500 packages you can get. That should be simple for you to go through those.

Daytona 500 is one of the events that the Daytona International Speedway hosts. The speedway opened in 1959 and has been ongoing until today with recent changes and improvements, including a full road repaving last 2010. DIS also started a renovation project worth four hundred million dollars to improve the experience of fans and racers last 2013.

Just being a part of the event is already a lifetime thrill as you watch history in the making with the various winnings of Dale Earnhardt. He is the all time winning driver in DIS for taking thirty four victories. In this so called World Center of Racing, after twenty years of being eluded, he finally got the victory for Daytona 500 in 1998. This goes to show that this is an experience worth savoring for both racers and fans.

One of the most sought after prizes is the trophy Harley J. Earl who is a famous designer in General Motors. This trophy can be seen all year. It can be viewed by all guests going through the tours.

The Champion of the race will be given a replica of the trophy. The color of the base is dark and has a model of the Firebird One. This model was one of the many cars designed by H. J. Earl during the best years of his career in General Motors in 1954. This trophy weighs fifty four pounds.

There are also notable celebrities watching along with the fans in the entire audience. This is an added fun and experience for you, especially with the pre event. There is also a show which popular artists are performing from most part of the world, so you would get to fully enjoy even before it starts.

There are further accesses you can enjoy like the Fanzone tickets which are definitely offered in packages. Aside from enjoying the event itself, getting a chance to see everything up close is more than you could ever hope for and experience, regardless if you just got into the event or have been a die hard fan ever since. The Sprint Fanzone is the melting pot of all fans.

By doing this is the best way to watch and enjoy the race. Tour guides will be available depending on the package. The DIS never fails to put out an event every year so have a blast and enjoy with everyone this February 2015.

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