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Cost-Effective Promotional Tools For A Taxi Service Tucson

By Jocelyn Davidson

Starting a taxi business can be quite profitable, especially in busy areas of Arizona. Once you've started your taxi service Tucson, the next step you need to take is to start advertising your business in the most creative way. Though you may not believe it, there are plenty of ways you can market your company without having to go way past your budget.

You can create great-looking flyers to draw customers in. Either hire a professional designer or do it yourself, but make sure you have a nice logo for your business. Offer special discounts on the flyer like student or group discounts. You can also have other fees that hook people in such as flat fees, distance discounts, etc. Even if you want to offer these discounts, however, you have to make sure you aren't offering too much to your potential customers. They don't want to feel overwhelmed by a flyer willed with content from top to bottom. Make sure it is simple enough as to not overstimulate the customers, but has enough content to be as effective as it can be.

Hang up these flyers wherever you'd like, but the most effective places are those that have a lot of customer traffic. These could be grocery stores, shopping centers, school campuses, hospitals, senior homes, etc. If any of these areas don't provide areas where you can simply post your flyers or are more private in nature, you should ask their permission to post your flyers. Check up on them occasionally as well.

Traveler discount cards can get you regular customers. Offering incentives to them will have them coming back. Even if you only offer a small one like a traveler card, your customers will appreciate the effort to keep their loyalty.

Market your business in the local newspapers or magazines. If daily papers are too pricey for you, try getting your ad into publications that are available weekly or monthly. Classified ads in can be helpful as well, especially if you can't afford full ads. You could even do this online for free. Also make sure your business number is listed in business and regular telephone directories.

Your taxi car is the perfect promotional tool. As you drive around, you can advertise your number, name, and have people remember your logo. Keep in mind, however, that the colors and designs of the paint job has to be subtle yet flashy enough to satisfy potential customers. A more affordable option could be to simply attach a magnet on your car door with all the same designs.

You can avoid paying costly design fees by creating your promotional material yourself. Also, always make sure you know what your competitors are offering. This way, you can match their fees or offer even better ones to get customers to use your service.

You'll be able to save money by designing the material yourself, but it can be worse for your company if you aren't creative enough. If you aren't, you'll benefit more if you just hire a professional. Lastly, don't close on holidays, as these are the largest and busiest business days for taxis.

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