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For Excellent Charter Fishing Gulf Shores Is The Ultimate Choice!

By Jocelyn Davidson

The outstretched shores of the Mexican Gulf offer some of the best inshore and deep sea chartered fishing experiences one can dream of. Whether you want an enjoyable family outing where the wife and kids can try to hook their first trout, or a more adrenaline-filled overnight deep sea adventure to capture the more evasive species, for excellent Charter Fishing Gulf Shores is the ultimate choice!

This coastal city in Baldwin County, Alabama, is a fisherman's dream. The coastline is a peaceful, tropical paradise, boasting endless white beaches, lukewarm water, mild temperatures and prolific sea life. Whales, sea turtles, dolphins, sea birds and a magnitude of fish species abound in these tranquil waters. They breed and feed around the deep sea corals and salt marshes. It is a tourist Mecca and a variety of condo's and hotels on the beach front provide both luxury and casual accommodation.

Various private companies offer a choice selection of personalized fun or sightseeing cruises and angling trips of varying length and duration, all tailor-made to suit every group's needs. The inshore angling trips entail short boat cruises in calm waters to the breeding places of feisty, but tasty fish species such as flounder, redfish and trout. These trips are ideal for the whole family and even mom and the kids can master the light tackle to reel in the slick, slippery swimmers.

The offshore trips are for the more adventurous and experienced anglers who want to try their hand at the larger deep sea fish species further offshore. These trips range from 4 hour trolling and 6 hour bottom fishing trips for Red Snapper and Triggerfish to overnight expeditions to pursue flagship species such as marlin. For guests who just want to enjoy the scenery and catch a few mackerel or cobia to release or to have for supper, the shorter trips of less than 8 hours are perfect.

Deep sea angling excursions to reel in coveted species such as the King Mackerel, Cobia and others, can take anything from 4-6 hours to an overnight trip. Especially the overnight trips are aimed at skilled adventurers who know how to handle Penn rods and reels safely and effectively while fighting large, powerful saltwater fish.

As in any other place, the weather and climate changes affect the fishing industry in Gulf Shores. Although charter fishing is a major tourist attraction throughout the year, the summer months are still the best and safest option. Located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the area is also vulnerable to hurricanes and cancellations due to bad weather is to be expected.

In between chasing and catching the elusive silvery creatures, one can also embark on a dolphin sightseeing cruise. Watching these playful mammals jump for joy is equally entertaining and a fun way to relax after a strenuous day struggling to reel in feisty fish! Whether you are fishing the back bays of the Gulf Coast or setting sail on the open water to watch the whales and dolphins, there are more than enough to see and do.

All charter boats are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment and life jackets. Anglers are also taught a variety of fishing techniques to ensure success and enjoyment. Whether you want a relaxing family cruise, or a serious marine hunting expedition, Gulf Shores has it all!

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