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How To Be A Good Bed And Breakfast Host

By Estelle Larsen

If you are starting a business, then you should consider a business in the hospitality industry. Being in this industry does not mean that you should set up a hotel. You can start with a bed and breakfast Woodstock NY. When you have this business, you can offer an affordable place to stay for travelers or tourists new to your town.

The only thing that would be tough to handle in this venture is the competition. If you are not careful with what you do, you might end up getting left behind the dust of the competitors. You have to become a good host as well as offer a good place. If you want to make a success out of this venture, then here are great tips you should follow.

First, remember to leave a flyer or notecard somewhere in the room. This is where you can inform your guest about where they can place an order for delivers or take outs. It can be of the pizza delivery store or the chinese food shop downtown. Make sure to write here whether or not it is okay to eat in the room or if they have to go to the patio for it.

You also have to make sure that the guest know that they can ask you for the things that they need. If ever they have something they need, encourage them to come to you. It may be extra towels, iron, ironing board, more pillows, or something of the like. As much as possible, provide them the things you need.

There are those owners of inns that love cooking. Their guests also love the dishes they cook. If you are one of such owners, then do not hesitate to compile your amazing recipes in a collection. If you do that, then you can offer your recipes to your guests. Decide whether or not you will be charging for it, though.

Cooking is not the only thing that you can offer. There may be times when you are more into special interests or hobbies. If you have a work space near the inn where you are working on these special interest or hobby, then you should not hesitate to invite them over. This will be especially memorable to those who have the same interest as you.

You might have a historic inn in your possession. If this is the case, then you should take advantage of that fact and turn your place into one that people can visit when they are looking for historic places. Keep scrapbooks of photos, documents, and renovations of this place.

While the main purpose of travelers staying at your place is to sightsee, you should consider the possibility that they might not want to lose a day of worship for their faith. If this is the case, then you should prepare a good list of the churches in existence within your area. Include the time for the worship service in there too.

Couples should also be catered to in your inn. The couples who come to your inn will surely want to have a romantic getaway. You can humor these people by giving them privacy in front of a fireplace. You can even add romantic decors. It should help give off a romantic mood for them.

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