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Make Lodging In Forks Your Base When Visiting The Pacific Northwest

By Jocelyn Davidson

With its rainy climate, the state of Washington is a favorite among writers and film directors looking for a setting for mystery stories. It's a popular destination among active travelers too because the cooler weather means that you can enjoy the outdoors without getting sunburned. One of the best destinations in the state for those who want to explore forests and coast is the Olympic Peninsula and the perfect base from which to explore this region is lodging in Forks.

With between three and four thousand inhabitants, Forks isn't a big city. It's a friendly rural place surrounded by mysterious forests. The traditional inhabitants of the area are the Quileute and many live in this little city in the western part of the peninsula.

The largest Quileute community is La Push, which is to the west and in the Quileute Indian Reservation. The people of Forks used to be loggers and the local timber museum tells the story of this part of the city's history. A charming historic sight in the city is a Shay engine which is housed in Tillicum Park.

Tourism has become a significant source of income in the region and people now come to admire the trees rather than chopping them down. Olympic National Park is a World Heritage Site just to the east of the city and is a favorite among hikers, anglers and landscape photographers. It offers skiing in winter but the main attractions are rainforests such as the Hoh and the Quinault.

Another great reason to visit the Olympic Peninsula is its spectacular coastline. There are dramatic cliffs that tower over crashing waves. The beaches are pristine and make for stunning photographs, especially at Second Beach. They offer good surfing too but you'll need a wetsuit for the cold water.

If you're a fan of Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' novels or the movies based on the books, you'll know Forks as the place where Bella Swan lives with her dad and meets the Cullen family of vampires. You'll also know about the legend that the Quileute people are the descendants of wolves. While the movies were shot mainly in Oregon, many fans come to this part of the Olympic Peninsula to go on 'Twilight' tours and to see the places mentioned in the books.

Seattle lies about three and a half hours' drive to the east. There isn't a very extensive public transport system on the peninsula, so it's better to drive here. Leave enough time for plenty of stops because you'll want to appreciate the landscape. Also bring something warm and a good raincoat because the peninsula is famously wet for most of the year.

The growth of tourism has meant that you'll now find many options for accommodation in and near Forks. If you want to rough it, camping or an RV park is a good choice. However, if you want to stay dry you'll probably prefer a log cabin, a hotel, a motel or a guest house. Find establishments online and try to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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