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The Beginners Fly Fishing Accessories

By Jocelyn Davidson

First time fly-fishing enthusiasts should research some of the most simple and easy to learn techniques as well as what types of clothing they will need for their first trip to a stream or river. From rod to bait called flies, you can be catching fish on your first try with all your fly fishing accessories. Check the guidelines for the fishing laws in your locale beforehand as well.

A great weight in rods for beginning fishermen would be a 6 to an 8 depending on what types of currents you will be in. The 6 is good for slower currents and even larger areas in streams and rivers. The 8 is the best for stronger current areas. Both of these have the durability to bring in small and much larger fish. Whichever rod you choose should have stiff action so check it before buying.

Choosing a reel is fairly easy for introducing yourself into this sport. There are three different kinds, but the single action one is what you will need first. Its the easiest reel to learn to use and remember all reels for this sport should include drag that is adjustable. This helps you bring your fish to the bank.

You should not place regular fishing line on the rod and reel only line made specifically for this sport. Regular line will not be strong enough and will keep breaking on you. Dacron inner core line is best for the currents in streams, rivers and dams to help you land a big one.

The leader you decide upon should not be too heavy or to light for the best results. The tippet should be able to allow for the drift of the current naturally and be strong enough to withstand these currents and hold the fish once on your line. You can look for leaders that include all you need at most sportsman stores and online.

To figure out what size tippet is needed take the flies size you are going to use on the rod and divide by three. The three most used flies in this sport are wet, saltwater and the dry. There are many expert and intermediate sportsman which prefer tying their own flies but you will want to stick with these for now.

The dry variety of flies are made to look like the insects such as may flies, grasshoppers and others which fall into the water or land lightly on its surface. The fish will gulp these down before realizing they have been caught by you. The last type you should learn about is called the wet variety.

Other items you will need to include when starting off in this sport are boots for wading, polarized sunglasses that reduce glare from the water, a fishing knife, a basket for the catches you make and of course, the very important vest of a fly fisherman. Choose colors of clothing in the earth colors like browns and greens for best results.

This is one of the most loved fishing sports today and being sure you have everything you need on hand ensures a day of fun and relaxation. On your vest you should place tippets, needle nose pliers, repellent for insects, leaders, boxes for your flies, net, thermometer and split-shots. You will also have room for some much needed mid afternoon snacks and make sure not too forget sunscreen as well. Have fun and if you don't catch a great deal the first time out there is always tomorrow.

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