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Traveling Via Luxury Tours Of Israel

By Patty Goff

One of the most visited countries in the Middle East is the State of Israel. Not only has it been a pilgrimage destination since Biblical times, but it is also considered the beginning of the three main religions of the world, those being Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Most people who do not wish to be part of group tours rather pay for luxury tours of Israel when they visit this historical land.

During Easter the country sees a large number of pilgrimage tours taking places. Large groups of people who travel with churches from all around the world walk along the Via Dolorosa from early morning on Easter Sunday. The groups are accompanied by pastors, priests and their selected religious leaders during these travels.

During such a tour people visit the most sacred sites of the Holy Sepulchre church, Mount of Olives, the tomb of King David, the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. All these mentioned sites are visited for both touristic and religious intentions. Areas such as Galilee and Golan Heights are hardly neglected during a visit. It is sensible to make use of professional guides during the visitation of all religious sites as they will give detailed explanations on its existence and will also advise on the most appropriate visitation times.

Out of the ordinary activities await the keen travelers. These include camel riding through the desert terrain, visiting a number of kibbutz, sampling fine wines of the region and delighting in the local cuisine. Solo vacations which are privatized also include in depth culinary interests, family heritage purposes and architectural central points. Museums and bazaars that are somewhat out of the ordinary and are only selected due to in depth reading up of the country can also be visited with the private guides.

There is not much greater ways of sailing on the Sea of Galilee in an anciently constructed boat that resembles those used by the Biblical disciples during their journeys on these seas. By passing huge monuments in size and reputation one gets to see the lands from the masses of waters that form part of Israel. The Dead Sea which lies towards Jordan is also a prime destination. Here the Israeli tourism authorities have ensured elegance in the form of spa and resort facilities that make the most of the therapeutic components of this salty sea.

Privatized tours of this ancient land are synonymous with the unqualified comforts that its star rated hotels and excursions have on offer to those who prefer a touch of extravagance. Travelers who show interest in the luxuries usually have options between most preferred hotel rooms, access to private guides, personalized itineraries and means of transport as well as private airport transfers for arrival and departure flights to their subsequent destinations.

Additional privileged services may come in the form of reservations to restaurants and entertainment activities that are done on their behalf. Elite shopping experiences are also arranged where travelers may visit art galleries, relic galleries, jewelry shops and other private viewing opportunities. The city of Tel Aviv is particularly known for its ballet performances and art shows and these are activities that are particularly suggested and combined with extravagant evening dining with private transportation to and from the venues back towards their hotels for the night.

Tourism in Israel positioned the deluxe travel market by having some of the most chic amenities in the Middle East. In Te Aviv the prime suites overlook the Mediterranean Sea and in Jerusalem the elite suits neighbor the Old City with its towers and bustling daily life. For first time visitors or those returning once again, such luxurious amenities can definitely be arranged.

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