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Understanding Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars

By Patty Goff

Motor racing is a sport where drivers with auto race in different forms and styles - circuit road or track. Motor racing involves many disciplines and events. The most prestigious categories of circuit is undoubtedly the Formula 1, but there are many other categories including dirt track racing sprint cars. Among the best known include NASCAR and IndyCar (with the legendary event of Indy 500) in the United States or proof of equally legendary endurance of 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

Motorsport is in turn divided into several branches, where racing and rallying are the main. Following the numerous accidents that marked the Paris-Madrid race in 1903, the ACF and the civil authorities require the holding of such events on circuits only. Le Mans applied for membership, this city that saw the birth of the initial car sold (Amedee Bollee) receives the first Grand Prix (then Grand Prix ACF) in 1906 on a circuit of 103.16 km.

Crosskart offers frequent starting field with exciting duels between the contestants. The speed is high and the lap times are on par with the fastest two-wheel drive rallycross cars. The strong tubular steel cage is especially secure considering crosskart's low weight, very safe and protects the driver effectively.

They have 102 registered drivers and only 32 make it. The following year, the pioneering racing event was organized: it's Paris-Bordeaux-Paris. Emile Levassor ended the first test on June 15 on a Panhard in 48 hours and 48 minutes. But there was no competition because his car was a two-seater while the regulations required a minimum of four seats with as many passengers than seats. It was a Peugeot driven by Paul Koechlin who won in 59 hours 48 minutes.

The contest requires the driver to get his car to skid sideways with as broad a cord as possible to get the tires to smoke by friction against the surface. Usually the two drivers competing in her car was in every show. Judge considers then the two drivers' performance much like in figure skating.Folkrace runs on paths of gravel or asphalt-covered, which are type-inspected. The cars were built to have certain safety regulations, among other things, they have the rollbar. Maximum speed when racing is 80 km/h. One can start competing in folkrace, the year they turn 15 years in the so-called junior class. From the year you turn 18, will compete in one of the senior classes: Hairdressing or damklass (where even veteran class).

Motorsport is organized internationally by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). On 22 July 1894, it organized the first real race for the magazine Le Petit Journal. Backe is a form of competition where one vehicle runs up a hill at a time running with different slopes and surfaces that may consist of asphalt or gravel, and combinations thereof.

This type of competition is run with different types of vehicles; rally, rallycross- and racing cars, etc., and the driver is alone in his vehicle. Very spectacular is back racing for trucks. Hillclimb with trucks was organized in the late eighties up the mountain in many countries. Some races compete with the help of a map and participants drive through unknown road at a given time.

The formula for the Gordon Bennett Cup quickly reached its limits because it requires presets. Car manufacturers, however, manage to repeal the limit of a maximum of three cars per country. The name Grand Prix means a prestigious automobile event. This term was first used for horseracing and cycling events for the award given to the winners. In 1901, the Grand Prix was organized Southwest: Pau played around, it counted as the first edition of Grand Prix de Pau.

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