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What To Expect Of Luxury Turkey Tours

By Patty Goff

With a country that is divided between the Asian continent and the European continent one can only expect greatness in the form of sights, sounds, tastes and travel experiences. Nowadays luxury Turkey tours includes classical ruins, frenzied bazaars, intricate cuisines and densely encrusted city landscapes throughout the major cities.

The Romans, followed by the Byzantine and Ottoman kingdoms all called this the centre of their empires. Yes, three kingdoms made home in Istanbul, hence its ancient architecture and character that is second to none of the old cities the world has to offer. It can be expected that areas where the mosques, museums, bazaars and touristic attractions are located will be crowded, but there are quieter areas such as the Bosporus Strait that allows visitors to breathe in some calming sea air.

Most essential visits are the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, the Hagia Sophia, the Basilica Cistern and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. Travelers who book private arrangements may have entrance privileges that surpass those of ordinary tourists. Private guides also add to this exclusive experience while visiting this remarkable city where East meets West.

The Mediterranean coast is decorated by ancient ruins in places such as Ephesus, Bordum and Aprhrodisias. Further east is the geological wonders of natural spring and rock formations of Pammukale and further along is the fairy tale wondrous world of Cappadocia with its volcanic rock formations. It is here where one can raise towards the sky in a hot air balloon. Both these Turkish gems offer exquisite traveling experiences for all.

Pammulake is synonymous with natural spring water and spa facilities that are set in the forests. Word renowned treatments are offered at the spa and the accommodation is nothing but extravagant. It is here where an regular Turkish holiday is turned into something amazing.

The unique position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia resulted in a fusion of cuisine that has had the world talking for centuries. Turkey boasts with exceptional culinary treats in all forms of meals and drinks. Mediterranean dishes that have European elements are served and on the flipside, true Middle Eastern cuisine is also enjoyed. Turkish coffees and sweets such as the ever so famous Turkish Delight are but two that should be sampled at least once during the stay.

The Turkish lands have been known for centuries as the most strategic trade routes and until this day it is traversing the country. Privatized tours usually result in more luxurious services rendered and these include visitation to famous carpet and spice shops, shops that sell flawless silk garments and an array of other exotic goods up for sale.

When it comes to accommodation this country is known for offering some of the best hotels in the world with facilities and amenities that allow total luxurious foreign stays. Private guides and drivers, with vehicles that are exclusively used for their tours are some of the exceptional services offered. These services are extended to making dining and entertainment arrangements on behalf of the clients. It leaves the clients to sit back and relax at times, and take in the sights and sounds the rest of their stay.

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