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Your Quick Introduction To Salmon Fishing

By Jocelyn Davidson

Fishing trips are relaxing. You can do it alone and get that much needed you time. Fishing trips are also fun. You can do it with your family or a group of friends, or both. More than that, you also get the chance to take home the catch of the day for dinner. A big and tasty salmon for everyone to share.

During these trips, there are a lot of fish to choose from. Salmon usually becomes a favorite. You have the popular pink ones or the big ones known as king salmon Although they are not that easy to catch, most people are willing to wait hours just to get their hands on this for dinner. There are a lot of varieties you will encounter if you try to go on a Michigan salmon fishing spree.

There are multiple varieties for this fish that can be caught in the Lake Michigan. You have the big ones aptly called King Salmon. Or maybe the pink favorite, well, pink salmon. Knowing how to catch them requires simple basics. One of them is knowing what to bait. They commonly feed on shrimps and krill, but if those are not handy, you can get alternatives at the local shop for anglers. They have a lot to offer, make sure to ask which one would be the best for your trip.

Aside from baits, lures are one things that also entices the fish. There are a great deal of types, ranging from the ones that move and vibrate to the ones that flashes. If you are on a budget, you can opt for color to attract your prey. They tend to go after colorful things, so do not be afraid to use bright ones. Try red, orange, or green. And make sure they are bright.

Baits, of course, are important part of the activity. Aside from color, baits makes your lure more enticing. Your local fishing store can stock you with different baits for different fish. For salmon, you can try getting sand shrimp or salmon roe.

Speaking of bait, you need not be told not to forget the bait. This type of fish normally feeds on shrimp and krill, you can try and stock on those. Or if they are not at hand, you can buy sand shrimps or salmon roe at your local store for anglers.

If you are lounging on a platform or a pier, do not lounge at one place. Salmons are movers, and they tend to travel to where the current is moving. They are seldom found stationary, so it would be best to follow them. You can also do this on boat. Instead of being grounded at one place, think of trolling up and down the lake. This gives you better chances in getting your catch.

Lastly, try putting weight on your line. Salmons are normally lounging in the deep parts of the water, so it would be no use if you have your lure almost floating to the surface. Try heavier lures so that it can stay down where the fish can see them.

These tricks are easy to remember and to follow. The next time you go on this trip, try them. And bring home that salmon for family dinner.

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