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Finding A Montreal Travel Guide For Your Visit

By Christa Jarvis

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second-largest city in all of Canada. The city is best known for its French culture and language, as well as its contemporary music and arts scene. If you would like to visit the city, then finding a montreal travel guide may be a good start to planning your trip.

The city has a population of over one and a half million people. It is quite large, and composed of many municipalities. The official language of the city is French, so you may want to learn some French words and phrases if you are visiting there. However, if you are not proficient in French, you do not need to worry, since many people there speak English.

The city has been designated as a City of Design by UNESCO for its historic architecture. It used to be the commercial capital of Canada, until that title was taken over by Toronto many years ago. However, today it is still an important commercial center for the country. There are many industries which have experienced rapid growth in the city, including aerospace, technology and gaming.

There is also a renowned ballet company that performs at the Place des Arts. In addition, there are popular dance troupes such as La La La Human Steps and O Vertigo. Some of these troupes have toured the world and achieved international acclaim. Many people who enjoy artistic performances come to the city to see live shows for these dance troupes.

Montreal is also reputed for its beautiful churches. There are four Roman Catholic in the city. These are Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, the Notre-Dame Basilica, Saint Josephs Oratory and St Patricks Basilica The Oratory cathedral is the largest basilica in Canada. Those who appreciate church architecture and roman designs may enjoy touring these basilicas in the city.

Besides the historic churches, there are also many contemporary bistros and boulevards in the city. Many people claim that Montreal is an interesting mix of Old World style and modern flair. There are many traditional cobbled stone streets and buildings, but you can also find modern architecture and sophisticated shops around the city.

Tourists who enjoy nature may like seeing the Botanic Gardens. There are also many jazz bands that perform live at the annual Jazz Fest. If you are visiting in the winter, there are many rinks that you can go skating at and play hockey in as well. The three main rinks are the Quays of the Old Port, Parc Lafontaine and Beaver Lake on Mont-Royal.

Book your hotel room as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Try to find the best flight deals as well. Ensure that you have everything packed that you will need to enjoy your visit.

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