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Guidelines To The Best Catering Lake Lure NC People Will Find Useful

By Ida Dorsey

Finding a good catering company is a very important aspect of any large scale event. Birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and family gatherings are all occasions when the services of a caterer may be needed. Unfortunately, there is no standardized grading for caterers. What this means is that anybody who want to make some extra money can always venture into this business regardless of whether he/she has the necessary qualifications. When in need of catering Lake Lure NC residents should always consider the following factors for the best choices.

If it is your first time to hire a caterer, it would be wise to ask for recommendations. Listen to friends and relatives and you will never go wrong. Apart from friends and family members, you may also ask the popular event venues, other vendors and culinary schools for recommendations. This way, you will have a long list of good caterers to choose from.

The next thing you need to look at is the caterers specialty. There are caterers who only specialize in large scale events and have the equipment and expertise to handle large numbers. On the other hand, there is the other group of caterers who specialize in small intimate functions like the cocktail parties. You should be very wary of caterers who claim that they can do it all.

Unless you are very rich, you must also compare quotes before making a choice. Most people usually make the mistake of hiring expensive caterers thinking that this would guarantee them quality services. This is however not the case always. In fact, there are very good caterers out there who are charging very affordable fees.

It is also very important for your prospective caterer to be licensed. It is only through the license number that you will be able to trace any caterer should he/she take your money and disappear. You also need to find out whether the caterer has had any bad records, violations or complaints raised against them. All these will help you make wise decision as to which company is good.

You also need to organize tasting to know how the caterer will present menu on the venue. If you do not like how the food taste during the tasting, you should not expect a miracle to happen when the caterer prepare food for a large group. The sample must taste good for you to even start thinking of hiring the caterer.

Once you identify a good caterer, it is very important that you sign a written contract with him. Everything you have verbally agreed on need to be documented. Stay away from caterers who claim that this is unnecessary waste of time.

With a good caterer, you can be rest assured that the meals in your function will be quality. However, good catering companies are not easy to come by. You must therefore do everything you possibly can to find the best.

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