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Top Collectible Items That Has Route 66 Icons Print

By Ora Dickson

US 66 or historically known as Route 66 brings about a lot of memories from Americas past. But for our kids who have been living in the digital age, the area might sound strange. This can be attributed to the fact that there is no more Route 66 right now. It is history. Though of course its influence is apparent judging from the commercial products we see around.

For those who are young and who wants to do something quite unique and meaningful, then collecting items can be a start. Commercial products with route 66 icons print may be a good choice. So to give you an idea on what you will be collecting should you pursue it, let us check the most popular ones.

First, are the t shirts. T shirts are great because you can wear them on casual moments like going to the supermarket or taking your dog for a walk. But t shirts are also common. So if you wish to add a twist to your usual plain choice, then having a huge 66 printed in front or at the back of your shirt can be a good start.

Two, are the pins. They are among the top choice when it comes to giving memento for kids. Malls sometimes give pins to their customers as a gratitude. And you can give yourself too. In fact, you can create one using your own design. A red 66 inside a black circle can be a nice idea.

Three, we have the pens. Students use them most of the times. Employees use them a lot. You most likely do as well. So begin adding a nice touch to your pen by customizing a print on it. It could be a name, a symbol or a quote. There are ready made route 66 pens in the market. But if you think you know a better design, then go ahead and print them.

Four, the pendants. Let us not limit our thoughts to ruby and diamonds and explore a more creative way of making our necklaces unique. Customized pendant designers know this. So it should not come as a surprise if we see a lot of unique, even bizarre pendant designs in stores. Someone out there just had his creativity tapped.

Five, the stickers. We usually associate stickers to kids. But we are thinking about it wrong. Kids love stickers with kid friendly designs. So if we choose a design that fits like the trend of our age, the better we will like it.

Take a quick tour on small accessory stores in the city. Observe their designs. Some symbols that you claim to be unrecognizable may actually be popular in the past. The next time you see the the US 66 design, you know what it means.

Give tribute to this historical place and let your creativity out. You would not know how good your imagination is until you do it. Give it a try now.

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Ditulis oleh: Faisal Reza Siregar - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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