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The Process Of Preparing Striper Lures

By Christa Jarvis

Fishing can be rated as one of the most remarkable outdoor activities that a person can ever experience. This activity is however only fun if one is really catching the fish. To make this happen, it is important that all things related to the preparation are done correctly. For example, when the fish to be caught are stripers, one must learn how to make the striper lures. When making a lure whether for a striper or not, one should always know how to tie the best knot.

The things that a person will need when they are learning how to tie a lure are fishing rods and reel and the lure itself. When doing this, it is recommended that they start the process with an extra-long line because they will need some extra slack. The next thing is to double over around five inches of line just like it is done when tying shoe laces.

Later, the entire loop should be passed through the lure without letting it get undone. It should be done in such a way that there are two sections going through the eye. After this, one must tie an overhead knot again like they were tying shoe laces. The loop should later be tightened by pulling both ends as tight as possible. The excess line must be trimmed using nail clippers.

There are various tips and warnings that must be taken into consideration when doing this task. The people doing this should first make sure they understand that the tag end is the one that will be hanging at the end of the line while the rest of the line will be hanging loosely from the rod. They can wet the knots with some saliva before tightening because this helps them stay stronger.

It is important to know that burning the ends of the knots makes them weaker; they are supposed to trim them instead. They should give themselves enough leeway on the tag that will be easier to work with. They should be very careful not to hook themselves when they are tugging on the tag line to tighten the knot.

After learning how to tie them, a person must know all the best baits to use. Shad is one of the most common bait used for stripers. It is mainly caught using nets and can be easily found at the ends or below dams. They have silver bodies with very large scales and a green back. The best shads to be used as bait are between three to four inches in terms of their sizes.

Another good type of bait for fishing is the American eel. This is an organism with a snake like body and sharp teeth. They also have very small and sharp pointed heads. They can be found in water sheds, ponds, rivers and streams among others. They are irresistible to stripers therefore good enough bait.

After learning all the things that have been listed above, it will be very easy to have fun while fishing with family or friends. If a person does the right thing, the problem will not be catching the fish but choosing which ones to take home.

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